A Babyshower!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our online team's editor is expecting her first child, a baby boy in January, and seeing as we are closing for the holidays next week Friday - which is followed by our year end function - a colleague and I decided to organise a baby shower for her. I quickly designed an invite to send to the other people in the office and I thought it was quite cute!

Another colleague pitched in and said that she would like to bake a cake, carrying on with the airplane, blue and grey theme, and I was more than excited when I saw the end result! The lunchbreak baby shower was held at Mugg & Bean Bedford Centre and I have to commend them for their excellent service. I approached them the day before and asked them if they would set up our table with some nice balloons, to give it that extra special feel.

The quality of the photos aren't the best, because it was taken with an assortment of phones and I forgot to bring my camera. All in all, it was great and she did not expect a thing, even though I sit right next to her and had a lot of people whispering and coming to my desk more often.

Also, couldn't resist a snap with the balloons. I love balloons.


Amira said...

You guys are so thoughtful! Love the cake and invitation :-)

helen said...

super cute! baby showers are always so sweet :)

Johlet said...

Ag dis sweet!
Ek love babyshowers!

Hailey said...

love that cake!

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