Steps to a happier you!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I recently found a motivational site that gave some tips on how to be happier, more productive and a contributing factor in your environment. One particular post highlighted things that us meager humans do everyday that keeps us from growing and being truly blithe.

Adding my own thoughts, and my own findings, here are some of my favourites.

I recently learned that we shouldn't harbour relationships or friendships that feels like it is dragging you down.
I believe, that although true relationships are hard work, it shouldn't be demeaning. It shouldn't feel like you are always second guessing what the person is saying, or that you have to choose your words carefully when you are around this person. 

You should also not spend your time with people who make you feel worthless, or who try and suppress your 'youness'. If they really like you, and want to be your friend, they would accept you as you are.

Sometime, giving a break could work. I recently reconnected with one of my best friends.
And it makes me happy.

Don't think that that one extra cookie, or that one extra chocolate, or that sauce over your meat won't hurt.
It will. I need to start applying this rule as if my life depends on it. Practically, in the long run, it does.
By lying to ourselves, we think that everything is okay, that we are blissful and that, in my case, the problems (weight) will just disappear by itself.

If I don't stick to my gym plan, or start eating healthier, I will not get the results I am wishing for.
Is there something that you might be lying to yourself about?

the cliche is unbelievably true! You would never be able to find happiness if you are not happy with yourself.
As long as you keep on looking at other people's happy moments, which may look much better than the things you are going through at the moment, and wishing that you had that life, you will miss the great things happening in your own life!

Hahah, I know a few of you might be reading and shaking your head, probably muttering something like:
"Please Megan, you're one to talk."

I admit, I am a cynical person. I am also very realistic, something that is often perceived as negative. 
But I am also happy-go-lucky and I grab most opportunities with both my hands.
I am smiling most of my days and am very often in a happy disposition. 

Negativity is ugly.
To shoot down other people's ideas because it doesn't accord with your own, is just plain mean.
I truly believe that when you have negative thoughts all the time, negative things will happen to you.
I have proved this theory quite a few times.
Just ask people who see me on a daily basis.

What are some of the things that you think you should stop doing?

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Saving Face: Make Up Rescue

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday! I had a brilliant weekend, hope yours was great too! 
I will soon update you guys on some recent shennanigans, but first I have to wait for the new month.

I am clumsy. I drop things, trip over my own feet, break things, leave my make up in my handbag.
It often leads to everything I own looking like I saved it from a dumpster.
It also makes me look poor.
Sad face.

Recently, I found this super nifty tutorial on The Beauty Department and thought that it was just to good not to share:

Perfect isn't it?
Now I can be clumsy all I like :)

Mila and Jethro: Vogue Fashion Models

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Firstly, I would like to thank all the lovely readers out there for the great response I have been getting for the Owning your City series.

It warms my heart so much to see that people are enjoying things I am posting here. 

 Meanwhile, I had a little photoshoot with my pups. 

As some of you may know, Jethro tore his cruciate ligament in his knee a week or so ago. 
We had the option of operating him, but the vet said that the chances of him tearing it again, because he is so small and active are about 80%; dillema, I think so.
I am happy to report that my little pupface has now started to walk on his hind leg again! 

Next mission, teach these guys how to be calm.
We like to call Mila our resident terrorist. As soon as she wakes up, or is in a new area, or new people come to visit, Mila goes hyper. I mean, more hyper than a four year old child full of sweets, downed by a Red Bull. 

And if I try and control her, she just goes more wild.
But that's what I love about her. She's my wild child and I wouldn't change a thing.

Owning your City: Sheila

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'Owning your City' is about the things that make the city you live in unique, and what makes it your city. It's about the things that you love, the little restaurant around the corner where only locals go, the park, with the mountain, the streams, the memories.

  Bloggers write about their favourite spots and hangouts in their cities, giving you a little insight to what people love and live for!

Say hi to Sheila from the Welcome House! 


I live on an island. It is not a typical island - you won't find it scattered in Tiki shacks, surfers and coconut's being carried in the hands of sunscreen soaked skin. Nope, it is a bubble - a fast paced, spin your head, where am I living type of place.
The people are quiet. The Fed ex Man and I are on a first name basis and wave to each other as I drive around the island for work and he makes his daily routines.  The post man always needs to catch-up on the happenings of the day and what is being sent in my many packages this week.  
I consistently go to the same small cafe for lunch, The Golden Hog, and try to coyly convince the sandwich maker they should create the "Sheilita" sandwich, as I am a regular.  Each time they kindly decline, hand me another sheet of paper and say, "Go home and come up with something more original, Sheila."  (I won't give up till my sandwich is on that board!).  
The priest and youth group students of St. Agnes Church are a common sight and know more about you then you might wish.  But anytime you need something, Father is their to lend a hand.  Even if you simply need a place to wash your car, pour your heart out or stalk him for months to be on your blog :)  
The Donut Gallery Cafe is so small you have to walk in sideways, but that is where you will find me on Sunday's after church and where you can watch all the local's faces scroll across their tiny plasma (I made it on their twice - that is practically an island trophy). 
The beaches are small, the people polite, the water warm and filled with water enthusiasts.  Oh, and as for our one snorkel spot - it is 200 meters from the pole if you are lined up diagonally with the buildings in the distance.  And you will find one lobster, one manta-ray, one old crate, a few pieces of wood and about 10 brown fish.  Their is a National Park on one end, where you can spot Manatees (But if you are Jessie, you will probably miss them ;) ), and about 7 miles of bridge that cross the crystal blue water and might make you swoon - especially at night, when the Miami skyline lights reflect of the water like a perfect mirror.  
And in the center of the island is a kid friendly park where our town festivals are and....where I coached soccer to little rug-rats.  I coached the "I did not make the team kids" who I loved with every piece of my heart.  The ones that would stop in front of bicycle mirrors as we warmed up for practice in order to check their hair.  The ones that laid down in the goal nets because, "they loved to feel the grass around them," and the ones who would be training hard for a run, and as I turn around to yell encouragement I find my team members tangled in the soccer nets. Let's say, I never stopped laughing. That's was my team.  

That's my island.

 It's small. The people are a lot older or younger then me.  Food chains don't really exist.  But it's home for now.  I love it. Come visit The Failtehouse;)

Thanks so much for having me, Megan! 


Thanks Sheila!

If you want to participate, comment or drop me an e-mail!

Winter wear at SFL

Friday, July 20, 2012

I liked my outfit that I wore to the Zoo so much, that I had Flip take a few pictures of me.
Let's call it an outfit post.

Flip hated every second of taking these pictures. But I think he did a pretty damn good job.

Most of my garb is from budget paradise Mr Price. 
Let me think.

Shirt, shoes, tights - Mr Price
Belt - something I took off a dress bought at, you guessed it.
Handbag - Forever New
Bangles - Mr P
Shorts- Legit

Leopards Play

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I love living in Africa. It's a beautiful continent, full of opportunity, sunshine, gorgeous people and then the most gorgeous wildlife.

While Flip and I were at the Lory Park Zoo, we had the magnificent opportunity to play with leopard cubs. I am nearly in tears as I am writing this, as I have never seen a leopard in the wild. And I have had my fair share of Kruger Park visits, and a trip to the Serengeti. 

Leopards are such graceful animals, but these cousins of the lions, tigers, and jaguars, are extremely shy and elusive in the wild. When not hunting in long grass in the savannahs, they like to hang out in trees, out of plain sight. These gorgeous animals are also near-endangered, as a result of farmers shooting them.

These eyes will stay with me for a long time.

Aren't they just beautiful?

Which wild animal would you like to pet someday?

A day at the Zoo!

Monday, July 16, 2012

As a blogger/journalist, I always keep my eyes open for interesting and little-known things and places. Things I can share with the world and that would make me feel like I was Columbus on a discovery adventure!

On my way to a work event I saw a tiny little roadsign that read Lory Park Zoo {mandamnit! I forgot to take a picture of the roadsign}.  I was very curios to know more about this Zoo, as I have never heard of it before, and I would never have imagined that Midrand would hide a gem such as this.

Joburgers and Snor City people: take note! The animals that are kept here look as if they are owned by royals, unlike those at Joburg Zoo or Pretoria Zoo {please don't sue me if you guys ever so happen to read this}. The animals were fat, healthy, well groomed {in the best sense of a groomed wild animal}, and, well, happy.

First up was the meerkat!

Some cats!

Flip looking as happy as he ever would.

I made friends with this lovely cuckatoo! So pink! 

Happy Friday

Friday, July 13, 2012

*Mila says hello*

If only it were a Happy Friday. This has been a hectic week. Flip and I both had food poisoning, so we were booked off for two days. I jokingly said that I am happy he is also sick, because at least I have someone to keep me company.

After coming home from work yesterday, I found Jethro limping, and not stepping on his left hind leg. After a night’s stay at the vet, much to the displeasure of Flip, she phoned us this morning to tell us that he had torn his cruciate ligament. It sounds like he might need an operation. Not good.

To top of this jolly day of days, I opened my local newspaper online, only to read that South Africans are in for a freezing weekend, with expected snow and rain everywhere. Way to have a weekend.

On a lighter note, my friend’s and I watched ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ last night. I cried almost the whole movie through. I’m such a crybaby.

Owning MY city: Me!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

While preparing for this post, I really had to consider what I love most about living in Johannesburg. The obvious answer is Flip. teehee. 

Jokes aside, I decided that there are too many things I really love about Jhb, so I would focus on my suburb. 
The lovely Bedfordview.

I love the tree lined streets. Right now, it looks a bit dull because of winter, but in the summer I could just walk up and down these streets all day! 
Flip likes to call me a bit of a tree hugger, because everytime we drive down a street that is full of trees, I just want to move there. Wouldn't you?

Then there are the parks. Yes, I am probably a tree hugger, freak of nature, lover of all things green.
However, Johannesburg is a busy city, and being a journalist, means that I am busy in the busy city about 98% of my week. Green spaces and places just helps me relax, forget about the hustle and bustle, makes me breathe again. 

This is Gillooly's Farm. I wrote a post about it here. And yes, this is an archive pic, because right now, the hill is more grey than Gandalf's beard. (Or for HP fans, Dumbledore's.)
This OhMyGorgeous park is about 1 km from my office. During lunch hour, it is the perfect place to go have lunch and just listen to the birds and chill. 
And this down here is my office. The tall building. 

I am one of those lucky people in the city that can brag about how close I live to work. About 6km. 
Most people in Johannesburg have a daily commute of between an hour and two hours, even longer, depending on traffic, which is hell!

I commute for about ten to twenty minutes. I should ride a bike, I know. 
However, the fact that there is a small mountain between my house and here, makes it a tedious job.
And a suicidal one too. The roads are a bit dangerous.

Fun fact: My office is located inside a mall. Best thing ever! Over weekends, I have more time to do nothing or everything rather than hang around in malls doing shopping. I kind of hate shopping.
But working in a mall is also detrimental to my budget. 

Lastly, are my favourite hang outs, Tashas, and the Keg & Crow.
The latter hosts quiz nights. I am a fiend when it comes to quizzes.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my suburb.


Would you like to participate in the series?
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Owning your city: Anna of IHOD

Monday, July 9, 2012

Next up is one of my favourite ladies in the whole of blogland! 
Anna of IHOD.
You know her.


Hotlanta is what they call it. One of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. I live in the very north part of Atlanta, where I can see the north Georgia mountains, a lake close by, and endless outdoor activites at hand. I also can hop on the highway that takes me downtown to all the city fun. Its the best of both worlds;) The key to getting the most out of Atlanta is avoiding its major vice...traffic. I never attempt to go anywhere that requires a major road during morning or evening traffic hours. This usually avoids the craziness. Here are some of this years top favorites from my city...

My husband and I really been enjoying the local farmer's markets. Everyone in the south is friendly. Its cool to meet local farmers, and take home some organic foods makes you feel like you are boosting the local economy;)

Atlanta has some beautiful parks to offer. One of our favorites is Piedmont Park. Walking paths, big open fields, swings aside the ponds, and sometimes "Screen on the Green." (Outdoor movies on the park fields.)

When it comes to eating out, the options are endless. The list of great joints depends on what area of Atlanta you are in. The Buckhead Diner was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on Food Network, and once you taste the food, you will understand why. Holy smokes.

You can also get a pretty sweet manicure for $10 in the ATL. Nail Salons are at every corner. Something unique in the beauty department? The Dry Bar. If you have an occasion you want to get prettied up for. You can actually go to a place where you can get a blow out for $35. Not to mention the place is a total escape from reality. Relaxing and fun, you leave feeling like a million bucks. Definately worth experiencing sometime!

If you like thrifting, shopping, or antiquing, Atlanta is loaded with each of these opportunities. 
The Mart- Atlantas place for wholesale shopping and business owners. Unique and trendy boutiques are one of my favorite things to discover. We also have an antique market that comes to our neck of the woods at the last weekend of every month. There are always hidden gems to be found.

Hope you get the opportunity to visit Hotlanta one day! So much to see and do, but I have to say its best feature is the beautiful weather. Come in the fall when the turn of leaves are in full swing and the air is crisp:)


Thanks for stopping by Anna!

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