Our country needs help

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello. My name is Megan. I live in South Africa. I usually love it here, with the great weather and all.
But today, I hate it.

Last night I didn't sleep. I was listening to every noise - analysing and suspecting - every sigh the dogs made, every tummy rumble from Flip  or myself, every car that drove past our house, even the earthquake that shook the east and south of Johannesburg last night.

Last night I asked Flip to shoot any intruder in the face with his paintball gun {I don't believe in guns or the associated violence with it, I hate it, but this was necessary}. I asked him to shoot them in their balls and keep on shooting until they are lying on the floor, writhing in pain. I wish I could actually physically harm some people right now. 

Last night, I was terrified. 


Yesterday, just before 12 noon, I got a call from Flip, telling me that people are currently breaking into our house, and have tied up our cleaning lady, taking all our possessions. I was frantic. I jumped in my car and drove like a maniac to our house, not stopping at any stop signs, or red lights, driving like an inconsiderate heck. But I didn't care. All I could think about was whether our cleaning lady, Bettie, and our dogs were still alive.

Break-ins in our country are not like the well-planned things you see in movies. They are violent, malicious, intense. We often read in the newspapers about break-ins, where the domestic was raped, tied up, burned with an iron, smothered, stabbed and so forth. I already phoned the police before I left the office, but on the way there I was thinking what if...

What if these barbarians were still in my house when I arrived? Would I ram into their car? Would I drive over the people while they were carrying out my stuff? I though that I had some glass bottles in the boot, would I break one and stab them? What if they were armed?


Luckily, none of this was the case. Bettie was vigilant and saw the robbers drive past our house a few times. She phoned Flip's parents and said that something was up. The security arrived at the scene not long after the call. The police was quick on the scene and extremely helpful -  a very rare occasion in our country. Thank you Primrose Police Station for your great service.

However, they did jump over our wall - with electric fencing - and was on our property. They knocked at the doors and tried to get inside the house. The police found bags and wires - things they would have used to tie Bettie up. 

We also found that all the electric wiring of our alarm system had been ripped out. What if they came back? 


Even though I am extremely grateful that nothing bad happened and that all was fine, I am enraged.
Why do people think that they can come onto your property and take your things?
Things you have worked very hard for?

How fucking arrogant must you be!

Last year this time they hijacked Flip in our driveway. Thank God no harm came to him then.
Thank God no harm came to Bettie and our dogs. But when will this end?
Our country is in serious dire straits. And its making me livid.

My dog has a favourite song

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

 Mila, my Staffordshire dog-wonder, is probably the dog with the funniest and most eccentric personality I have ever owned. No wonder I have fallen so in love with this pup of mine. I mean, she’s my child.

Did you know that Mila has a favourite song? Oh yes, she does – Walk of Life by the Dire Straits. When she was still a tiny little puppy a car drove past our house playing this song.

We live on a corner with a stop sign, which meant that the car stood still for a few seconds. Now, Mila was quite a sullen puppy some days, and this particular day she had a particularly sulky moment, as I just put her down on wet grass to do her business.

She was sulking it up big time, ignoring me when I called her and not looking too excited at all. And then this song played. She started wagging her tail and got so excited that her whole body started wiggling. She looked like she was dancing.

Speaking of wet grass, this crazy dog of mine hates getting her paws wet. When she walks on wet grass, or wet paving, it looks like a cat with tape on its paws. But, in the same breath, as soon as I get out of the shower, she’s in it to lick up all the water.

Then wet paws don’t bother her.

This brings me to her drinking habits. We bought our dogs a big red water bowl that we top up with fresh water every day, yet she refuses to drink from this bowl. She’ll drink running water, water from a smaller bowl – that I have to top up when I leave home, and again when I get back home- she’ll lick the water from your body when you get out of a bath or shower, and even drink water from the POOL, but upright refuses to drink water from that big bowl.

She is such a real Miss Priss. 

On Sunday, I noticed a small bump on her paw and took her to the vet yesterday. My worst fears were made a reality when the vet told me that it was a cancerous growth, albeit benign. However, I have to monitor and administer antibiotics for ten days {which are turning my dog into a big lethargic lump}. If the bump has not disappeared or shrunk in the next ten days, it means that it is malignant and that she has to have an operation.

Please keep my pup in your thoughts, she is seriously my baby. Pray that this is absolutely benign and that it goes away.

She pisses me off

Friday, February 22, 2013

{I though long and hard whether I should write this post, because I am far from perfect and shouldn't judge other people, but yesterday was the final straw that broke the donkey's back. Please don't see me as conceited for writing this.}

I have written a post before on the things I hate about the gym, which included two gym crimes, namely being a fat stupid person {read the previous post, before you get angry} and being a hogger. Well, let me tell you about this one girl in my gym which does both!

Yes, I know, at least she is trying, you would say, but let me explain.

My friends joined the gym almost a year before I did and verified that this particular girl has been gymming since they joined, over two years ago. Why is this significant? Because this girl is really overweight.

I've always noticed her int he gym, because she has a really pretty face, but my beef with her didn't start until a few weeks ago. {By the way, I just saw her walking around in the mall downstairs, when I went to get lunch. She had food in her hand that someone serious about gymming should not be perusing - she says while eating another cheese puff. See, I told you I shouldn't judge.}

But let me just paint a few scenarios for you as to why I have beef with her.

Scenario 1:
Gym rules are that you are only allowed 20 minutes on cardio equipment in peak times. At my gym, this is usually between 5 pm and 7 pm, right after work, when everyone is already cranky and wants to get the workout out of the way so that they can go home.

One particular day, I was standing in a queue, along with others, waiting for the walker machine {the one where you walk at different inclines and different speeds}. Miss Girl was standing on the machine when a trainer-guy, with more brawn than brains, comes to chat to her. She proceeds to stop the machine, stand on it and chat for at least ten minutes with the guy, not worried about anyone else. She then proceeded to gym in intervals of five minutes, stopping for two minutes to chat to someone, or adjust her hair, or clothing. FRUSTRATING!

{Sidenote: these machines are very popular and even though there are six of them, they are always occupied. They are also very popular with me, and apparently this girl too.}

Scenario 2:
Again at the walker machine, same shit, different day. While on one of these machines, I notice that she is on the walker again. On this particular day a lady-trainer wants to use the equipment for one of her clients. Miss Girl stopped the walker every two minutes and then started walking again, changing the time on the machine. Eventually the trainer is looking at the time on people's machine's to tell them to get off, as their 20-min time has lapsed.

By this time I was on the machine for about 17 minutes, and Miss Girl got on about five minutes prior. Of course her time is up. The lady walking next to me, on 18 minutes, points to the trainer that Miss Girl has been on the walker too long. When the trainer approached her, she threw a mini-fit and said but look at my time, I haven't been on here that long. Lying! She then got off, walked off in a huff, and after two minutes came back, to stand in the queue, staring at the trainer and mumbling awful things under her breath. That was not nice!

She also stops the walker mid-exercise to pull out her mirror, redo her hair, put lipgloss on etc. Seriously, you are in the gym!

Scenario 3:
She sits on the equipment, ie the leg extenders, the lat pulls, the back-exercise machines, the pull ups machine - she then proceeds to pull out her cellphone and chats {as in the typing chat}, not once even touching the equipment. These are all very popular items. It drives me nuts.

Scenario 4:
Yesterday, as I walked into the gym, towards the changing room, I saw her walking out of the changing room, freshly dressed in workout clothes and proceeding to sit on a bench. It took me about ten minutes to get dressed and I waited another five for a class to begin. She was sitting on that bench, staring at people, flirting with guys etc. I was done with the class after 45 minutes and scanned the gym for a friend of mine {perhaps also unintentionally scanning for Miss Girl} and Miss Girl was gone.

I think the thing that irritates me the most about her is that she is wasting other people's time, her own money and the fact that she is lying to herself {and probably to other people, because I was at the gym, even though I did fuckall.} She is never going to see any results if she just sits on her ass the whole time, or stop the machine every two minutes.

Is there someone in your gym that you absolutely cannot stand? Please tell me, so I don't feel so horrible for getting this off my back.

Our Valentine's day

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Between Valentine's Day, work, following Oscar Pistorius's court case, who allegedly murdered his girlfriend in the early hours of Valentine's {which for some reason has captivated everyone in South Africa, no really, this is all we talk about}, daydreaming about my wedding - and planning it, attending premarital preparation classes and doing the homework, I just haven't had the time to update my little platform on the shiny thing called internet.

Anywho, I still want to share what I did for Flip for the day of love, and what he gave to me, because love should be shared!

I stood up really early that morning to make Flip breakfast in bed, complete with a tomato sauce heart. I also got him a trio of dark chocolate cigars filled with Remy Martin brandy, but replaced the middle chocolate cigar with a really real cigar!

And while Flip didn't give me something the minute my eyes opened, which is of great chagrin to me, he did hand deliver these gorgeous flowers at the office for me! Very romantic, isn't it? 

The evening was topped off by red wine and sushi on the living room floor, an indoor picnic of sorts. Who needs overly planned, overly expensive and hot air balloons {hahaha} when all you need is good foo, great company and the heart of the one you love?

Owning a border collie {named Mila!}

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hi, I'm Kirsty from Just Another Story  and this is my Border Collie side kick Mila.....

Buying a border collie is like buying a crocodile, there are a crazy amount of "rules and regulations" and every book I read about them came with a WARNING, this of course did not stop me, once I have set my eyes on something, it's done. Signed, sealed, delivered.. I was getting a border collie.

I named this precious creature Mila, also known as Meilie, Mee-losh-la, Me, Milapants and Meilie pap.(The name Meeloshla was made up when i went through a phase of putting dishcloths on her head at picnics.... pronounced with a russian accent of course)

My Mila knows how to sit, stay, lie down, spin in a circle, give paw, play dead, "speak" on command, give kisses, smile, but she does not know what any of this means when out in public, nevermind her own name, and if you are playing soccer in the park when Mila happens to be on a walk you will instantly gain a new player and I will have instantly lost a dog and a leash. I once lost her to a family over a ball and a good kick...

Mila plays basketball and is a BIG fan of anything that is or resembles a stick... skinny legs included. This is a border collie thing, they have OCD and need to do all things a particular way, their way. When Mila does something wrong is is almost impossible to shout at her, its all about her strategy.. she slowly slinks in a zig zag across the floor to my feet, "climbs" up my leg and puts on her best smile, in photos this may look like a growl, but it really is the sweetest thing I have even seen a dog do.

Border collies are like clingy woman, they need attention constantly. Once I was watching a movie on the couch with my boyfriend and there was a table right up against the couch which meant she was blocked from us completely, this frustrated her to the point of barking, eventually she walked off and that was that. About 2 minutes later a flying dog landed right on my head and rolled into my lap...she had done a run up from behind the couch just to get some cuddles! She might very well be the clumsiest creature in the world, second to me of course, this is not a border collie thing at all, this is a MIla thing.

She also has a habit of farting (is that even a blog friendly word?) when she jumps off a high surface, this results in a squeaking noise coming from you know where, for a dog that poops behind a big tree to avoid being seen, this is VERY embarrassing and her face says it all, every time!

I have never loved anything more than I love this beautiful dog. Anyone who has lived with her has given her a special place in their heart, never to be forgotten. While border collies may be categorised as sheep dogs, my Mila is in a category of her own, she is my constant running comedy series and I couldn't ask for a better best friend!

Win a year's supply of shoes!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

If you were to ask any woman what her biggest vice is she would probably say something sweet, or shoes. The latter wins most of the time. And if you were to ask a woman if she could choose between shoes and food for a year, she would probably choose shoes. If she chose the other one, don’t marry her.

It must be the biggest budget eroder known to womankind and never will you hear a woman feel guilty or regret the fact that she bought shoes, especially if they are designer. And when they can come for free, they are just a million times better, no?

Well, what if I told you that Zando is running a competition at the moment where you can win a whole year’s supply of any shoe your heart desires {well, most shoes your heart desires}. The online store, which stocks South African greats such as Zoom, Plum and Errol Arendz next to international favourites such as Havaianas, Blowfish, UGG, and well, way too many to mention?

What are you waiting for, enter here!
Also, leave a comment to let me know that you have entered.

Wouldn’t you want your gravestone to be the same as the eternal Miss Bradshaw?
"Here lies Carrie. She had two loves and lots o' shoes."

PS: if you sign up for their newsletter today, you get a R100 towards your first fashion purchase.

This is a sponsored post by Zando.
Also, I'm linking up here.

I asked, and they said yes {DIY bridesmaids Valentine's day surprise}

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day lovely people in blogland! Valentine's Day sure is one of my favourite days of the year, and even though there are a lot of cynics out there, I will not let it dampen my romantic spirit. This morning I stood up really early to make Flip breakfast in bed - will show you that tomorrow.

But today, I want to share something else with you. I officially asked two very special ladies, my best friends Tracy and Idele to be bridesmaids this morning by presenting them with these carepacks. They were really surprised, even though I mentioned to them before that they were in the running.

It was a total do-it-yourself project and fit in both with the look and feel I'm going for for my wedding, and of course with Valentine's day! Here's how I did it.

Now these things weren't just some random items I grabbed to put in there, each one were symbolic of something - but I will get to that later. I got the baskets and hearts from Biggie Best for about R65 and R12 each, respectively.

I then proceeded to glue the hearts to the basket to add that special touch, because it would have looked so bland without it. The next step was to put the tissue paper inside the basket, followed by all the other items and bunching up the tissue paper, to make it look like a parcel. I tied it up with some scrap blue ribbon.

Along with their basket, I wrote each of them a letter, explaining what each item meant.

"In this basket, I present to you the symbols of things a bride needs to have good luck on her wedding day.

~something old~
The basket represents the past, our friendship over the years, as well as the years to come. We'll become old friends.

~something new~
The champagne symbolises optimism and hope,  joy and overflowing love. With this, we can cheers a new life and adventure.

~something borrowed~
This is represented by the items I took from their desks. From Tracy's I stole a cat, and from Idele a teddybear {which caused a lot of commotion in the office. haha}. It serves as a reminder that I can borrow knowledge and advice from you.

~something blue~
The blue candle means that you light up my life and add joy in dark times.

Now, I just need a fifth lucky charm and that's you.

Will you be my bridesmaid?"

This was their reactions

 She's asking here if anyone knew about this, and her lost teddybear! haha

Me, peeking around the corner.

Nothing like a Joburg storm

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Right now, there is a grumbling outside the window, an angry storm brewing again, like the many spectacular thunderstorms we have had the last week or two - something the highveld is known for and which we all count down the days for at the end of August, beginning of September.

And just as much as us Northerners enjoy a good thunder storm, there is just something about a sunset in Johannesburg that captures the imagination - I am always in awe of all the colours and the atmosphere - and then one day someone said that it was from all the pollution. I was sort of shattered.

The same thing happened when I read the other day that dogs do that leg-thumping movement, because scratching them causes the same irritation {might have been better if they said sensation} as when fleas bite them. But, always a but, because they know it's you scratching them, they don't need to scratch the 'flea' {it's just imprinted in them}. And this shattered me. I am no flea damnit!

As I was saying, the sunsets are just afreakingmazing, and after a storm it is just all the better.

Last week we had a striking thunder and rainstorm and all the social networks went aflurry with the aftermath. This week alone I have been ripped from slumber by the thunderclap about three times!

And Joburg shouldn't be allowed to keep this absolute beauty of sunsets, mixed with thunderstorms, to themselves, so I gathered all the photos of clouds I could find on Facebook and Instagram {unfortunately, I didn't write the sources down when I gathered them} and I'm sharing them today. Enjoy what some people like to call #cloudporn.

Oh, this one below is actually mine - I was in the gym during the storm and when I walked out DOUBLE RAINBOWS!

Dogs do the darnest things

Friday, February 8, 2013

Yesterday, I read a story on Beeld.com about a Rottweiler that grabbed a teaspoon from her owner’s hand and swallowed it whole. While Google recommended it be flushed out by peroxide, bread and marshmallows, she took the dog to the vet – they found the spoon and a small rubber ball.

People started commenting on the story about the funny things their dogs had swallowed – a dishtowel, charcoal, shaver blades, and a potted plant – along with the pot. I also searched other weird and wonderful things that dogs have chewed and swallowed:

According to this website X-rays have shown that man’s best friend also has a liking for rocks, rubber duckies, an engagement ring and a 15-inch serrated knife! {Check the link for other items that were found! Shocking!}

This made me think of my own pup Mila and the strange things this dog likes to consume. The first – and most popular one – is a coke bottle. Mila has developed a whole routine on how to come by and eat the coke bottle – the remnants of which can be seen a day or two later {think red and brown}.

Firstly, she will bump the coke bottle with her nose – if it doesn’t fall over, or takes a little time to fall over, she knows that there is still coke in it, and will leave the bottle alone. If the bottle is out of her reach though, she will sit and whimper for hours, or at least until the bottle is empty and we give it to her. When she realises that the bottle is empty, after bumping it, the biggest noise known to man ensues.

With raucous flair, this dog of mine will chew the bottle top off – I always try and leave a little bit of coke in the bottle so that she has something sweet as a ‘reward’. When this ritual is done, she and Jethro will start playing tug of war with the bottle, or throw it – yes, it is thrown – down the hallway, which has wooden floors. This usually happens after dinner, when Flip and I are trying to watch a bit of television. Loudest noise ever!

She also has knack for eating juice boxes, my clothes – underwear, jeans, shoes, my freaking NUMBERPLATE!, and well, basically anything that you leave in her reach. Luckily, this has not extended to furniture – but that’s her holy grail, so I don’t think she would even try.

FUN FACT: Did you know that Staffies cannot swim? I always thought it was just Mila, but recently read on a breeder’s site that Staffies in fact have to be taught how to swim. Unlike other dogs, it is the only breed that cannot swim naturally and sinks when you put them in a swimming pool. Even when taught how to swim, they can only do this for short distances before they start to sink again. Crazy isn’t it?

What are some of the weird, wacky and wonderful things your dog/s have chewed or swallowed?

What's in a date?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ladies, and gentlefolk, I present to you our Save the Dates - taadaa!

I made them in December, from a template I found on Wedding Chicks {get it here}. I customised it a bit, to my home language and to include a few extra titbits. Being fairly parsimonious, I decided to rather do my own - well, half own - design, rather than pay someone a lot of money to do it for me. Besides, I only emailed it, as I didn't want to spend money on postage either - untrustworthy South African postal service and all. And I can save this money for something else, like posting our real invitations.

Anyhoo, as you can see our date is on the 12th of October, which is the second month of Spring here in the southern hemisphere. Not only is the weather just perfect {except for the rainshowers} - and it not being too hot or too cold - it is also the most beautiful month in my opinion. All the flowers are in bloom, lawns are green once again, birds are happy and chirping etc. Further, the month of October also holds sentimental value to me, as it was the same month my parents got married in 1978, with their date only five days prior to mine.

Why did you choose your wedding date? Did it hold any significance to you?

PS: Linking up with Joelle at Something Charming.

Does good luck also come in threes?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm thinking about playing the Lotto tonight, I just might be the next millionaire. Lady Luck decided to visit me today, not once but twice and right now I feel like a million dollars myself.

Today, I was not only told by Miss Angiepants from Lucky Pony that I had won a weekend away for two at the most fantastic little boutique hotel Cordelle Guest House - the house of sea & sky in the quaint little dorpie of Simon's Town; but Natalie from Tails of a Mermaid also let me know that I had won a Consol Glass hamper - perfect for my wedding preparations! I am absolutely ecstatic about this and want to thank both ladies and their sponsors for choosing me to win!

You put a smile on my face!

From their website, Cordelle describes themselves as the following:

Cordelle Guesthouse is nestled at the base of Mt. Pleasant in Simon’s Town. It boasts spectacular views of the harbour, surrounding beaches, South Africa’s only naval base and False Bay.

This unique self-catering unit has been beautifully designed to suit the contemporary traveller or a small family. With eloquent decor and stylish nuances, the space exudes a luxurious but homely atmosphere.

A pathway leads guests to the historical Victorian town, where a myriad of shops, restaurants and museums can be enjoyed. Cordelle is a stone-throw away from the legendary Boulders beach which is host to a large jackass penguin colony as well as other marine life.

I am swooning! AND cannot wait to make my trip down to Cape Town!

PS: Consol also has quirky little free printables for your glass jars, or for anything you would fancy putting it on. Right on time for Valentine's Day! Click through here to download yours.

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