What is your passion?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Everyone has that one dream that they strive for, that one thing that they would love to do more than anything else. For some people it's walking around half naked on catwalks, while wearing exorbitant clothing and saying "Fabulous daahling" for the rest of their lives. Or at least as long as industry allows them to walk in fashion.

Others wish to look into people's eyes, not so much romantically inclined, but rather to fix it. And other people find a morose pleasure in butchering and hacking people, while dressed in blue, only to make people better. Ironic isn't?

Someone recently asked me what I want to do when I grow up, or what my dream job would be. Seeing as I am South African, I should have answered a politician, better yet, a minister in the ANC. Because only in South Africa could you be corrupt as rotten beef, crawling with maggots and steal the citizen's hard earned money and get away with it. Only in South Africa could you think that because you have a friend in a political party, you could become a high rolling politician. And float by on the 'more important than thou' cloud stinkbomb. As a friend of mine so aptly put it the other day when we interviewed an important figure who refused to stand in the sun for three minutes: "Mandela sat in jail for 27 years, and this oke doesn't want to stand in the sun for three minutes? What shit is this?"

As Bruce Almighty might have said: That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Passion drives people to follow the dreams they had as little children. Innocent minds would imagine the possibilities of saving someone's life, of being the hero of the day. Others thrived on being in their own little world, seeing the little details in life, later perhaps capturing these little things through a lense. 

I dreamt of being a nurse once. I dreamt of being an optometrist, closely followed by a vet. Later on, I would realise that I find my peace in writing. And this hobby developed to passion. I am living my dream job, perhaps not in the current style I'm writing to be paid, but at least I am writing.

That's magic.

PS: I did a guest post over at Ashlyn's blog My Unrehearsed Life. Go check it out. Go, scoot.

A weekend at the sea...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After driving for six hour, from a rather warm Johannesburg, we arrived. It was cold, late and we went to sleep.

Morning, Poached eggs. Bacon and Toast. Two cups of coffee. Soon I'll be in the Umhlanga sea.

Things twenty something do not want to do when they are by the sea
1 - Sit in a two and a half hour meeting about shit! That doesn't involve certain twenty somethings and that certain twenty something doesn't even understand.

Things twenty something want to do when they are by the sea
1 - Swim
2 - Tan
3 - Drink

But by the time I got to the beach, I was alone. And with the weather being four centigrades south of shit, this wasn't proving to be a fun time. Dank! Eventually, I decided to leave the tumultuous, cold sea to do number three on my list.

After acquiring a Cosmopolitan, the magazine, not the drink, I sat myself down at a restaurant and ordered quite a few chatty gin and tonics. At the same time, Manchester United was playing Liverpool. Cheering fans was the soundtrack of the day. And that's where the fun started. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No, not the animated film with Owen Wilson voicing a little obnoxious red car. But real live cars, with actual concept cars on show. This is what I saw this Sunday. At the International Johannesburg Motorshow.

And my, my were there so pretty young things to drool over.

I'm not talking about the models in their short dresses and sky high heels here. No, I'm talking about the latest car models on the floor! And baby, were they hotter than those showgirls! (Whom I actually pity, because those shoes would kill me. I pretended to like a car for quite some time, only to let the girl pretend to sit in the car and explains things to me so that she could rest her feet).

Ahem, anyway. Here are a few of the beauties I got to look at. Enjoy Garth!

Audi E-Tron

Mercedes Concept A Class

An ALIEN! In the form of a Toyota Concept car

Grrr! McLaren 

Something to Baa about

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sticking to the recent theme of decoration, I though I would bring back one of my first posts, write it a bit better. My brother texted me this morning and asked me about two magnets on my fridge, which I bought at an expo. I couldn’t remember the artist’s name, but then I googled every possible thing that could lead me to her, and eventually I found her. I am quite a fan of quirky art. So here goes.

Sheep. These creatures are often misconstrued as dull, dumb and ignorant. Even scary, in my case. However, Johannesburg-based artist AnnGadd has found a way to liven up these critters, painting them in everyday situations, often in a humorous light. She also leaves no stone unturned, tackling social problems, as well as social figures such as Nelson Mandela and Gordon Ramsey.

She explains that she has been painting since 1997, but only painted her first Sheep portrait in 2002. However, this idea stalled for a few years, until 2006 when she kept on dreaming that she had to paint sheep. It soon became an absolute best seller in galleries. Quirky, interesting and bright, these portraits will definitely serve as a talking point in any room. 

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