No Dancing!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Potchefstroom. Synonymous with oak trees, students and Aardklop, right?

Think again. This quiet dorpie, in the middle of the North West Province, is giving the Bellville music-coop a run for their money, birthing bands that are much of a muchness to bands on the international music scenes.
One particular Potch band that is hotting up my iTunes (dare I say, the three songs that I have, is almost on a repeat) is indie/folk duo No Dancing!

The band, which consists of boy-girl duo Ciska Joubert and Henk Labuschagne, formed in 2009 and is spilling onto the local gig scene, with enchanting acoustic guitar riffs, beguiling tambourine and accompanying bass kick drum. Florence and the Machine-esque powerhouse Ciska's voice transports you into an era that isn't. And accompanied by Henk's melodic guitar, the band introduces you to an entirely new sound, which I am yet to experience in the South African music scene (or even the international one).

Screeching an uhm as he answered the phone, Henk told me a few interesting things about the band and himself:

How did the band become a band?
We use to have a high school band, with an extra personage. In the meantime we matriculated, Ciska went to Pretoria to study graphic design and eventually came back to the dorpie. No Dancing! was born.

No Dancing! is an odd name, how come why come?
A friend and I were in a pub one evening, having a few whiskeys and beers, and on the wall there was a sign that said No Dancing! We found it a bit ironic for a pub, but too good to be true for a band name. No Dancing! Simple.

"My favourite food is Spur," he said. I suppose he wants me to pay him in food then.

If you want to see more of the awesome twosome, make sure to check them out live at the Wolves Cafe on the 17th of March, or check out their facebook page No Dancing! for other gigs.

My want list

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So today is my Monday want list: (I have no Idea where I sourced the pictures, I think most of them are from tumblr)

 A hyena with which I can share food with,

This girl's hair, body and tan (instead I have hair that chooses to grow wide instead of long, same applies to the body now ha!)

 A bicycle. I had one. I left it. Somewhere.

This ring, which is almost as awesome as having a pet hyena to share food with,

Good old Disprin, because right now, I am suffering from a headache that could wake a hibernating bear.

Thursday night debauchery

Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Thursday, my friends and I went to the Keg&Beagle in Linksfield to compete in our first Pub Quiz Trivia. I am besotted with quizzes, Trivial Pursuit, Buzz! and Who wants to be a millionaire, and this was all in one!
What fun! Our team name was "Five journalists & some other guy" but the MC, one of the girl's boyfriends, kept getting it wrong. Boo on you, team name wronggetter!

Five journalists and some other guy? you wonder...well, its pretty self explanitory. It was my colleauges and my boyfriend (the other guy). Some of the other team names included the Raging Rabies, PO10C, Wetter is better and much more. There were about ten teams competing and in the end we finished fourth place.

The rules were simple, don't scream out the answers, no more than six people and if you have a mascot you get extra points. The next time, we will finish first place and remember to bring a mascot with. Apparently, my boobs can't count as one. Ha!

Bird is the word

I recently told Lentie from Hooty Street about a the owl fashion wave tiding through Mr Price and EQ stores. She is also a fan of all things owl like me. This is a little nerdy bird I bought at Mr Price the other day. Especially for you Lentie :)

Wear you heart on your shirt...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I just got an e-mail from a very interesting initiative known as T-Post.

Well, basically its a magazine on a shirt that you subscribe too and receive every 5 weeks. If this baffles your mind, then click here.

I think that this is quite a nifty idea and can serve as an excellent conversation starter (especially to all the people who were single on Valentine's day and complaining about it. Here's an idea!)

Ps: If you read this post and though that I am a suckah, please do tell me so.

My life motto

When people accuse me of being too curious, I usually just say "I'm a journalist, it's my job."

My two cents on the Grammy's

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I watched the Grammy's last night on M-net and am regretting it today as I can barely keep my eyes open. I am an early to bed, early to rise person, so it is very difficult for me to concentrate today!

My absolute favourite for the evening was when Mumford & Sons  were belting out their beautiful ballad 'The Cave.' To me, they absolutely stole the show, especially with their keyboardist playing the piano like a modern day Animal from the Muppets. (I love the Animal almost as much as I love this band.)

I have been listening to them almost a year now and fell in love with the first banjo note! Last night's performance just re-established my band crush. Especially when gorgeous Marcus Mumford appeared. That man is devilishly beautiful!

PS: to the love of my life, happy nine monthiversary! I love you forever :)

To my Valentine, a heart that is forever yours...

Monday, February 14, 2011

I love you more and more every day! 

Be forever my Valentine?

Bull, handele, handele (or that other Spanish word)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Being the art opportunist (read copycat) that I am, I recently commissioned a friend of mine to paint me a Nguni bull on a beach. Thank you Jacky Kearns for this most beautiful piece of art!

I saw a painting at some art shop of a massive strong bull and had to have it, but the price tag read "You can't afford this even if you sell your liver." So,  I just went to MegaMica and bought a mega canvas for R300 and five days later this is what I've got:

Update: IT IS DONE!
How absolutely gorgeous is my bull? Love, love, love it :)

To my future husbandguy

My beau has been away this whole week on a business trip and I absolutely hate it. I have a foolhardy little fear of being alone or even worse, being alone in the dark. And although I had a friend of mine stay over this week to keep me company, unforeseen circumstances came up and I was left to my own musings of what goes on in the flat after dark.

Living in a complex doesn't aid in the flat being less spooky, as sound travels through every crack and whispers through every keyhole in a 5x8 square meter area. (kidding about the size, I have no idea how big it is). I did not bat an eye last night!

So to the guy I'm going to marry some day, I hate it when you are gone for so long! And I love you.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh me, oh my! I have neglected this space for this week, but I have an apology ready so here goes: "Hmhmhm (that's me clearing my throat), I was moving house. I was busy. I had a stressful week. I nearly died. I am alive again." But I did take a few pics. I will upload them, I promise, but life is very demanding!

My parents are coming over for lunch in our new place and I am planning to cook something I found on Lucky Pony with some roasted veggies and yummy greek salad! Will let you know what it tasted like.


Update: I forgot to put salt in the pasta while cooking it, but it was freakin delicious none the less! 

Surprise night!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last night we got the keys to our new flat! But what a horrid state it was left in by the previous tenants. The floor was covered in dust, with a side order of dust, and then some! And there were chips in the walls that were not there when we checked the place out in December. I presume this must have happened during their move.

We went through all the cupboards to throw away all that was left over and as the beau opened the tumble dryer we got a nice surprise...a whole bundle of underwear and socks! Ha! The guy must have forgotten it. Well, forgotten or not, I chucked it into the dustbin.

After offloading a few boxes, which we will unpack tonight, we went to McDonalds for some grub. Ohmigosh! Luckily I look before I eat, as I had an extra flavouring inside my chips...a fried bee. Poor thing.

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