Time to get Cozy

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

With winter knocking on the door and kicking off its shoes, making itself well comfortable in the nooks and crannies of our house, it's time to grab the winter bedding and get cozy.

For inspiration for making a bedroom look more cozy,
 I found a few pictures that will make anyone wish it was winter!

I am in love with this bedroom. The duvet! The romantic lighting, the candles. Oh Sigh!

To check out more inspiration, go to my Winter pinboard on Pinterest.

Karoo Lifestyle Centre

Ladies, the other day I treated myself to a quiet moment at The Karoo Lifestyle Centre in Pretoria.
It's a place where you go to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

It's quite big, so put on some comfortable walking shoes, and make sure they are dust-proof, because this little gem reminds of you a Karoo farm in more than one way. Besides the chickens clucking around your feet, and the rooster making himself known every now and again, there is also red clay earth, that will make your feet stain brown, and then a very big, very grey Great Dane that will welcome you with a smile. 

Pity, I didn't see the Great Dane when I was there, but I found a pic on their site.

Karoo Lifestyle Centre is the perfect place to look for little quirky adds for your house, or find that peculiar birthday present for Mom or best friend.

It hosts a number of little shops, Silverwood Antiques, a pottery place, a framer (with the most beautiful frames at a steal of a price), a nursery and a rustic little restaurant that reminds one of a farmer's kitchen. 

Take a look at what I found there. For some reason, my camera didn't have the memory card in and I cannot get the photos of via the cable. Luckily I had my cellphone ready, however, its battery was low. So a few of the pics are mine, and a few are Karoo's.

Top three picture Karoo Lifestyle

Next time, I am taking my best friend's and my Mommy with me!

Firday Fancies: Steal her Style

Friday, May 25, 2012

Girls, lately I have been obsessed with a little show called 'Hart of Dixie'. No I didn't spell it wrong, it is based on the life and trials of lead character Roxie Hart, played by uber adorable Rachel Bilson.

But for me, Lemon Breeland, or in real life Jaime King, stole the show.
I just love her antics, her figure, her bossiness, 
the fact that she is a bit spoiled and she knows it
and her style!

This girl know how to rock a classy outfit, but also knows how to let loose every once in a while.
She is simply gorgeous!

To get her look you should invest in a few classic pieces, but shouldn't be afraid to make it playful and girly.
Lemon always wears cute accesories, such as headbands, rings, bangles and thee cutest shoes!
She pairs it with cardigans (which should be a staple in any girl's closet), and frilly dresses.

Versus her own style:

Which one do you like more? Lemon or Jaime?

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Things I Fancy: Bell Jars

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guys, I am currently ajar (yes, pun intended) on Bell Jars. My mom used to use them millions of years ago when she was still working in a laboratory, but these quirky shapes have now found their ways into our homes and is a lovely and unique way to display things.


And this is how I interpreted the style into my own home.

Sleeping with dogs

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When we first got Mila at five weeks old, she was so tiny that she practically slept all day long. She had her weave basket, with its lovely white and light blue nautical feel, she had her grey fluffy teddy as comfort.

It worked, I thought on that very first day. I have successfully trained my little pup to sleep on her own on her first day.

With Flip chiding that dogs are not allowed on the bed or couch (oh please, as if that ever lasted) I was a little wary, but took my chances anyway and on that very first night with Mila I excused myself and Mila to the bedroom, so I can read a book (and she can sleep, cuddled next to me, on the bed.)

Fast forward a few months later, a few events in between, an extra pup and we have quite a funny sleeping ritual. Since it is already quite cold here in good old Johannesburg, I usually cuddle up on the couch when I get home, with a great old blanket.

 In this time, while waiting for Flip to arrive home and after calming the pups from initial “mommy is home” excitement, they both pass out. Jethro normally sneaks under the blankets and I only realise this with a jerk as he presses his freezing cold nose against my body. Mila will either make herself comfy at my feet or on top of me. This is what I like to call their mid-evening nap.

Mila was still quite small here. This is mid-evening nap.

Then Flip gets home. This triggers a flurry of playtime and immense excitement, which carries on for maybe two hours.

Flip has often sighed in disbelief, asking where they find the energy to play like that almost all the time. I believe it’s that mid-evening nap. And by play, I mean Mila and Jethro biting each other, rolling around, jumping on Flip and myself, running like a demon is chasing them and making strange bird-like calls.

The off chance they actually sleep in their own bed.

Eventually, it’s time for bed. Not their time. Flip and my time. We have debated numerous times on where the pups should sleep. He thinks it should be in their bed. I think so too, but eventually I think it should be our bed. Mila normally stays in their bed, but early morning, about 4 o clock, she decides that its time to creep in with mommy. Jethro has probably irritated us enough a few hours before, and is probably already under the covers.

But Mila doesn’t just jump on to the bed. No. Madame starts making these whiney noises so I can wake up, then she puts her front paws on the bed, meaning that I should pick her up. I often wake up in sleep mode and find Mila either nestled between Flip and I, or sleeping in the nape of my neck, with her head in the cavity between my head and
shoulder. She just loves it there, it’s her spot. I let her. I love it too.

Mila's favourite position, sleeping on your neck.

Sleeping with dogs is both therapeutic and tiring at the same time.

Do you allow your dogs to sleep on your bed with you?

Skin Problems

Monday, May 21, 2012

We have all had them right? You wake up one morning, and oh no! There, on your chin, nose, forehead, cheek is a big red booboo. Or maybe you are struggling with blackheads, I know I have a few.

Everybody is looking for that miracle compound, that cream that will make every little thing disappear.

My holy grail was Dermalogica.

 I have been talking about getting it non-stop, so much so that Flip booked me a facial with a spa that uses Dermalogica exclusively. It was my valentine's present. They even did the face mapping and everything and determined that I have a very sensitive skin. I could have told them that.

 Let's just say that by the afternoon, the facial had left me more than just a little red faced. And being the impulsive shopper I am, I bought the essentials in the sensitive range.

Yes I know, a facial lets all the impurities come out, but is it supposed to make your skin feel like a pirate's heel?

It has been three months now, I have used Dermalogica every day, and my skin has really never felt this dry, I have never had pimples like I am experiencing now. I am breaking out on my cheeks, which has never happened before. And the worst of all is that these are unsightly, sore pimples. I only tried the range because I thought that it would better my skin, make it more radiant, remove the spots and hydrate it. It turns out I was wrong, or the product simply doesn't accord with my skin?

Maybe I should go back to the product I have used all my life, the MUCH cheaper Neutrogena.

What is your holy grail in skincare products?

Two years of togetherness

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flip and I celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday. 
That is, relationship anniversary. 
Not the other type. 

I have to admit that the road hasn't always been easy, we've had a few potholes, bumps and no lines along the way, but we took it slow, swerved, talked it out and stuck together! We're like a well-oiled car. Okay, so where did all this car similes just pop out from?

We love each other. And that, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

He bought me a stunning little pendant. I nearly cried when I opened it, it is soooo pretty and petite.
I don't know if he intended it to be this way, but I interpret the two interlocked hearts as him and I.

I bought him a cookbook. Boy, does this man love to cook!
We paged through it tonight and my mouth started watering at all the delicious, yet easy recipes in it.
The book is also a feast for the eyes.

I think I'll leave the explanation of the book to the authors:

Words and food – or, how we speak about what we eat – interrelate. In this cookbook, a specific word represents each chapter. The word, its meaning, and associated emotions and behaviours, connect with the recipes contained in that chapter. Words are integral. With this book you will be able to eat them…literally. Hopefully, you will savour them too.

When it comes to food, what is it that we savour, really? Is it the taste of chocolate, or salt, or lemon? It could be the combination of caramelised onion, or sesame wasabi, or elderflower and mint. Perhaps it’s the feeling conjured when we sample such delights, or the conversation we are engaged in at the time. It may be the relationship nurtured over food or the cherished memory a dish evokes. Maybe it’s the excursion from the kitchen to the table…or the promise of dessert.

Whether you are a culinary enthusiast, gastronome, adventurous foodie or lover of prepping, kitchen pottering and around-the-table-lingering, SAVOUR has a recipe for you.

Just some of the dishes in the book.

And to Flip, I leave this message:

pic from Atypical A

Mila found her arch enemy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Or her best friend. Depends on how you look at it.

Now try and get her to take a bath. That's a whole different story.

Fantastic Fox Hill!

Think of the most romantic thing you have ever witnessed. Got it? Well let me paint you a picture, a picture of a fantasy setting.

Fox Hill is one of the most romantic, most beautiful, oh-my-goodness-is-this-heaven? places you might probably see in your life. For reals. I felt like I was somewhere in Europe when we first stayed there last year sometime. I failed to post about it the first time, as I, in the haste to pack everything, forgot my camera at home.

Unfortunately, I could not get the interior of Foxhill on film, because we were just passing through Dullstroom, this time, but it is an exquisite mix of antiques and modernisms. Imagine Downton Abbey with electricity. I found some pics on the internet and had to share it!

When we arrived at this quaint little place, when we stayed over, we were welcomed by soft lighting, background music and a sherry to warm us up. I did mention that this town gets quite cold. Flip’s brother and his wife got the privilege of staying in the sweet Fox’s Meadow cottage, which had a large Victorian bath, a fireplace, a bookcase filled with classic Victorian books, candles, a four poster bed, the works.
Flip and I stayed in a smaller room, called Fox’s Lair, that had everything sans the fireplace. It was paradise!

The next pics were taken by me.


On a sidenote. This weekend was my dad's birthday and Mother's Day. We got my dad a bottle of Gentleman's Jack whiskey and semi-forced him to taste hippo biltong.  For my mom we bought a lovely orchid. Oh I love orchids, don't you?

 On graduation day.

Happy Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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