I'm still here...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a sweet little thought for the day.

Guys! Just thought I would let you know that I am still here. Still having terrible difficulties with this little wonder called internet and I'm currently sitting, like Job, on a heap of ash, wondering if I'll ever see the light of proper internet ever again. Sigh. I sigh.

I am glad to report that my allergy has entirely subsided, but eep, I'm going for the blood tests today. Yes, I know, there is nothing more awesome on earth than to have a needle stuck up your arm and watching the crimson life seep out of you. Am I being a bit too dramatic? Ah well. Drama is the spice of life. Ha!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being out of the office all day long. A dream come true. I really love the outdoors and I think my dream job would be to work for a traveling magazine, such as Getaway. (Holding thumbs that Getaway reads this and likes it and wants to hire me someday). I love the outdoors, I love nature, I dislike fluorescent lights and brown and blue dividers between desks. But before I go off on a tangent, I want to brag about the brilliant lunch we had at the mine site. A lamb braai.

I kid you not! I had the best lunch ever! And to make it even better, I went late afternoon shopping with Flip, luckily some of the malls stay open till 7' and then had eat as much as you can sushi at Jimmy's. Which sucked. It tasted awful. Normally, I can't stuff my face enough, but yesterday I was nauseated by the taste of it. In Afrikaans we have a saying and directly translated it comes out as: "If the mouse is full, the corn tastes bitter." Perhaps I had tooo good of a lunch to really appreciate the dinner. 

One last thing, I wish I could comment on every single blog I read! I am so longing to just sit and comment on the beautiful posts that some of you write, but with the internet sucking toes, I have no way of getting around. Alas, it shall remain a dream. Ha!

Aaah, bless! I have internet

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey guys! I am over here at Kenzie's cute blog Cameras & Cupcakes  (actually, I got there yesterday) doing a guest post. 

I am talking about the time Flip and I went to Phuket, so go check it out! 

Further, I just want to say that I am so thankful for my internet working again. We have experienced some difficulties after my Mac was switched off one night, only to find everything the next day gone. The pictures, the music, the internet, all gone. Luckily, I had the photos and music on back up memory sticks, but the internet was a bird of a different feather. Luckily we sorted it out.

Meanwhile, I have been having a really sucky time. On Saturday evening, about 7ish, I started itching. This itching was soon followed by a break out on my skin. I thought it was flea bites. And then my whole body got covered in it. By the time I went to bed my wrists were swollen about two times their normal size. I kept on itching and Flip kept on moaning that I shouldn't scratch.

In the middle of the night, I had enough and stood up to search for anti-hestamines or celestamines. Luckily, I had some celestamine, but then I realised that I looked very funny in the mirror. I will save you the gruesomeness of how my face really looked like, but what I can show you is that I kind of looked like this.

Not pretty hey? But my upper lip almost looked like The Wildenstein's lower lip.

And it hurt like hell. By the next morning, my lips were even more swollen and my wrists were now about five times their size. Flip took me to the doctor's office as soon as they opened. It was a Sunday morning, so we didn't expect it to be earlier than nine. Eventually the doctor saw me, but we still have no idea what caused my body to react this. He did mention that it was an allergic reaction to something I must have eaten or drank, but I have never in my life reacted like this before. I recapped everything I ate the previous day and nothing was out of the ordinary. But it really hurt like hell. And itched. A lot.

I am going for blood tests later this week to find out what I am allergic to. I sure as hell hope it's not bacon and eggs, one of the things I so thoroughly enjoyed on Saturday.

I also wanted to upload pictures of my arms, so that you can see that, but alas, my internet is being a stupid little asswipe. I hate my internet connection!

Hopefully, I will be back in the bloggosphere for good now. 
Here's holding thumbs that I don't swell up again and here's holding thumbs to a great internet connection.

What does StyleScoop and ghd have in common?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A freaking awesome giveaway!

Yes, that's right. You can stand a chance to win one of not one, not two, but three brand new Limited Edition Iconic Eras ghd stylers!

All these stylers are from ghd’s Iconic Eras collection
and come with a luxurious ghd Gold Classic Styler, two hair clips (these are awesome), a protector for the front of your ghd, plus a stylish heat resistant purse that doubles as a trendy clutch. Each set also includes a get-the-look book that will help you to create that Era’s style at home. What a stunner of a prize!

How to enter
If you blog:
Spread the love for StyleScoop and ghd on your blog and you could be one of the two lucky winners. All you have to do is blog anything and then comment on this post with the link so we can see it. Your blog must have the words “StyleScoop” and “ghd” written in the title. Like you’ll come up up with a million and one looks using your new ghd styler, we’ll let you be the master of creation when it comes to the content of your blog and what it will be all about. Go wild, go crazy, but remember to include the words StyleScoop and ghd in the title of your post to make it valid.

And if you don't:
You can still enter! Just go to Stylescoop's facebook page and the ghd page and like it! You must do it between 15 July – 15 August 2011 and make sure to give them some love so that they now you have entered the competition!
You can enter as many times as you like. Every new blog post you add will earn you an entry into the draw. Simple! Remember to comment with the link so they can see it.

Competition open to South Africans only.
Good luck to all the ladies. Here's holding thumbs!

My boyfriend can be such a little boy sometimes

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flip has two very contradicting personalities. And sometimes, these personalities combine, especially when he is very excited about something.

You see, he is a meticulous planner. I have witnessed him making the same calculations on his hands over and over again. While he is driving, watching Tv, cooking. I can see those little gears in his brain ticking like a well oiled clock.

But then he gets over excited and the little boy comes out.

Example: Today I received about twenty e-mails on one topic. The emails contained pictures of what he is excited about.

You see, we are going camping. However, I do not camp. Call me a bush snob, but I have been spoilt all my life with lodges, chalets, hotels and such. I did not even have to bother with the hard ground, the crawling bugs, the penetrating cold in the early morning hours. Instead, I have always had a place with a roof, a kitchen and a bathroom attached to brick and mortar walls. And I have to say that I prefer it that way.

However, this is not like any camping trip. This is for Oppikoppi.

What is this strange word I speak of? Let me tell you.
It's crass. People like to use cuss words and what South Africans call the party word.
It's filthy. People don't shower for the whole weekend.
There is never enough toilet paper, I have heard. And you can never have enough wet wipes.
It is attended by an average of 10 000 people.

In short, it is the most epic of epic music festivals. And this year will be my first time attending. I am an OppiKoppi virgin, so I am bit unsure about how I will experience it. The sole reason why I am breaking my non-camping rule. And yes, there is brick and mortar place for the more sophisticated people, called Kreef Hotel, but I can't say that I have truly experienced the affair if I am not camping. I think this article sums it up well. I will give my view on it after that fateful weekend.

This is what I sort of plan to wear for most of the Oppi-weekend.

The day the Jhb bloggosphere stood still

Saturday, July 16, 2011

So on Wednesday a bunch of Johannesburg bloggers came together at the holy grail of indie/hipster Wolves Cafe to meet each other.

I was a bit anxious at first, not knowing what to expect and not knowing where to go or who to talk to.

But luckily, the very smart organisers of the evening, Angie, Tasha and Nicki had this really yummy wine as an icebreaker. Nothing works better to warm people up than a little bit of red and white wine! Lovely!

It finally gave me the courage to introduce myself to a couple of people. Firstly, I met Kirsty. And as we asked about each other's blogs we discovered that we are actually followers of each others blogs. It was so cool to actually meet someone that follows my blog at the get together! I was so suprised! And geeze, this lady is so funny. We really had a good time.

Very cool lady right here
A bonus of the evening was the prizes that were handed out! Kirsty won a Canderel hamper...

and I won a bag stuffed with popcorn! I have a love-love relationship with popcorn, so this was the best prize ever! And I never win anything!

Finally Flip got hold of the camera and everything turned black and white

We even got a list of all the other bloggers/tweeters/tumblrs that also attended the get together. Here they are! Check them out:

* Tanya – tan32.wordpress.com
* Roz – jellybeanjourney.wordpress.com (email Roz at wrighttwinmommy@gmail.com for access as her’s is a private blog)
* Gina – gnatj.com
* Carlette – nunuza.blogspot.com
* Paul – itsjustafantasybaby.blogspot.com (need the proper link asseblief)
* Emma – emmajanenation.com
* Lou – thetrialsofmisslola.tumblr.com (computer says no???)
* Natalie – cleomagazine.co.za
* Gareth – garethpon.tumblr.com
* Tamiya – tamiyat.co.za
* Faye – what.to.do.with.daylight.blogspot.com (Blogger does not like this?)
* Yusuf – untitledawearness.com (under construction)
* Jeanette – therealjenty.com and jeanetteverster.com
* Stacey – storyscarves.org/blog
* Ricardo – (waiting for URL)
* Tamaryn – exmi.co.za
* Indianna – nicefind.blogspot.com

Come one, come all

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello everybody! Thanks so much for all the sweet comments I have received about my little runaround I had last week, when I went to Mozambique. I feel much better now, and have been slightly busy, which is why I am a bit slow on blogging the last two weeks. That, and the fact that I was bed ridden for two days.

I'm hoping I can pick up on it again this week.

Tonight, I will be attending this:

I am very excited to meet some other bloggers in the local sphere! I'm hoping it goes down great and that there will be a lot of people in attendance!
Looks like this week is quite the week for meeting bloggers.

Philoméne likes the sound of the cat's bowl on the tiles. The cat likes overhearing children's stories.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On July 9, at exactly 3 pm, a man buys flowers for his wife who just gave birth to their 3.1 kg baby boy, with black curly hair and still blue eyes. At the same moment, a foreign exchange student blows out the sole candle on a cupcake for his birthday. Meanwhile, on a bench in a park, a beggar takes his last sip of his R19 Tassenberg and tosses the bottle in the paper bag aside. A stray dog slightly sniffs at the bottle then lifts his leg to urinate against the beggars leg.

::: At the same moment in front of a restaurant nearby, two girls meet. A friendship was born. :::

The two girls actually met a few months before. Through their blogs. The odd comment on each other's blogs led to longer, more elaborate e-mails and a mutual interest in travel, among other things, was discovered. They also added each other on facebook and eventually decided to meet in person, but their schedules kept them busy over weekends. And then finally, on the afternoon of the 9th, we met. Jenna and I.

We went to Fratelli's, a quaint little restaurant in the leafy suburb of Greenside, which main street is lined with little treasures, such as this one.

The vibe is very relaxed, packed with trendy people, even during the day. The drinks prices was also very reasonable and we helped ourselves to caiparinhas, mojito's and gin and tonics.

I was very nervous at first, I even admitted it to Jenna, who blogs over at Home Away from Home. In fact, I was so nervous that I wanted to smoke a cigarette. And I despise smoking. Well, when it suits me anyway.

I was scared that we might not have a lot of things in common. Or that there would be a lot of awkward silences, but there weren't any and we chatted like old friends. So much so, that the waitress at the second restaurant, The Office, which was just a skip and a jump away from Fratelli's, asked what the occasion was for us coming to the restaurant.

Well, actually, we were on our way to our cars when the waitress came outside and invited us in. She was quite shocked when she realised this was the first time Jenna and I had met. She was in total disbelief and asked if I was telling the truth. We just laughed.

We were surprised in turn, when the bill came after we drank our two fishbowls (the blue drink in the picture at the top). It was buy one, get one free! Score! And the waitress was super sweet, full of compliments and such a nice person. I would definitely go back to this 'hip' spot. But maybe again during the day. At night, this place is packed to the rafters! But still a lot of fun.

Everything turned out so good that we are going over to their place this weekend for a little braai. And for the boys to meet each other.

::I thought I would leave you with this piece of wisdom.:: 
That's my handwriting.

Travel Tuesday: Mozambique and other interesting happenings

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I am down and out. Yesterday, I flew to Mozambique. But before I get any jealous faces, I was only there for the day and visited a mine in the northern province. I had four flights throughout the day, and not only did it drain me physically, I was dumb enough to take a little sip of water from a tap, and ended up with gastro.

I didn't sleep at all last night, as I was in so much pain with all the cramps. Shame, even my editor phoned to hear if I'm okay, he thought I was airlifted to hospital! haha. Luckily Flip's mother took me to the doctor to get it sorted out. I couldn't drive, I felt so sick. And I got an injection! Eep!

I did meet some interesting people on the trip though: a Londonite living in South Africa with her husband and their dog Zapiro; another Londonite that had five flights, coming from the UK, and at twelve in the night still managed to look fabulous (jealous); an Englishman who tried to charf the girls and try and convince us that he was born in 1990, but was actually born in '75, as his passport proved; an Englishman trying to speak Afrikaans and saying all the crude words he has learned from living in SA for four years and a whole pile of other interesting characters, including Aussies. It was a mixed up day, but was a lot of fun.

Other interesting happenings
On Friday evening, my friends and I decided to 'lose our minds and let our crazy out' as Kesha would put it. I haven't gone out like this in almost a year and we really went crazy! Except we didn't shoot rainbows at unicorns. 

The end of the night was a bit of a struggle though as two of the girls, we won't name names, but they know who they are, had a fight. They were shaking and screaming at each other at like half past one in the freezing cold morning and we had to stand guard. It was about who would drive and who should not be drinking more. It ended with drunken tears, two cups of coffee, three packets of chips and me driving. 

See, I also have drama in my life. Not always moonshine and roses. 

"She licked me!" (Tracy actually did!)
But they still love each other

What is she doing!?
The boys talking about how crazy the girls are

There will be some changes in this here parts...

Friday, July 1, 2011

I am bored with my current blog layout and will attempt to change things around here myself. It will take me a while to get all my ducks in a row, so it will look like someone is hacking this poor thing to bits. Just ignore the changes around it.

Meanwhile, I thought I might tell you a few things I learned today:

No matter the history, saying goodbye to an old friend is difficult.
It also resulted in a mini-breakdown after work.
It felt cleansing, in some ways.

Having restless legs while lying in bed is really a little mothereffing bitch.
It also brings about little sprigs of Tourette's syndrome.
I curse like a sailor when my legs just won't rest.

Pickled onions is a good substitute for dinner.
Flip came home late. So there was no cooking tonight.

That's the only words of wisdom I have.
I'm looking forward to my blog's facelift.

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