Thursday night debauchery

Saturday, February 19, 2011

On Thursday, my friends and I went to the Keg&Beagle in Linksfield to compete in our first Pub Quiz Trivia. I am besotted with quizzes, Trivial Pursuit, Buzz! and Who wants to be a millionaire, and this was all in one!
What fun! Our team name was "Five journalists & some other guy" but the MC, one of the girl's boyfriends, kept getting it wrong. Boo on you, team name wronggetter!

Five journalists and some other guy? you wonder...well, its pretty self explanitory. It was my colleauges and my boyfriend (the other guy). Some of the other team names included the Raging Rabies, PO10C, Wetter is better and much more. There were about ten teams competing and in the end we finished fourth place.

The rules were simple, don't scream out the answers, no more than six people and if you have a mascot you get extra points. The next time, we will finish first place and remember to bring a mascot with. Apparently, my boobs can't count as one. Ha!

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