My bucket list: Kings of Leon

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Or as my cousin likes to put it: ‘Queens of Lyonne’. He isn’t a fan, but admitted that they should be commended for sounding live like they do in studio, unlike groups such as the Black Eyed Peas. I won’t go into what he calls them. It’s in Afrikaans and it’s rude.
I have been a fan of Kings of Leon since I first heard Charmer, from the Because of the Times album. I absolutely freaked when I first heard the song, I believe it was in 2007. So I can’t go around gloating that I have loved them forever, like many people do. It’s like a competition sometimes. “Oh no, I’m a bigger fan that you are, because I have listened to them since forever, which is like seven years now.” Well, hoorah for you!

However, I do like to distinguish myself from the commercial crowd who only realised that there is such a band as the Kings of Leon when they heard Sex on Fire. They are the ones who kept quiet when the less-than-known songs were played.

I agree with my cousin, they are commendable for sounding amazing live! No doubt, they are absolutely excellent in what they do and are really good looking and good sounding. Sigh, Caleb Followill! Nonetheless, I found the show to be a bit bland. Perhaps it was because I was seated and not with the standing crowd, which my feet are thankful for.
But in the days before the concert, radio stations and interviews created certain expectations, including that Mr Followill is a bit abusive with the crowd and likes to rowdy them up by cursing and so forth. There was none of that.
“But!,” argues some of my friends, “it wasn’t about the stage persona but rather about the music.”
“Yes, I agree,” I argue back,” but then if it was only about the music, I could have stayed home and listen to my iTunes.”

Everyone to their own. I guess I enjoyed it nonetheless. Something I can tick of my bucket list.

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Jenna said...

YAY! Looks amazing - so bummed we didn't get to go :/

And you look amazing too - you skinny thing!


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