I have been blessed!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hibiscus is one of my favourite plants on earth and before we  moved to the house and I paid attention to the garden, I have been wondering how I will implement this gorgeous plant into my garden.

And then on the day I got the house keys, I was given one last tour of the garden and actually noticed the hibiscus, right in front of our front door! I was ecstatic.

A bonus is, that the lady that lived in the house before us was somewhat of a horticulturist and she 'bred' this hybrid herself. Makes me appreciate it just so much more.

Aren't they stunning?

They will need a lot of work though, I need to trim it regularly so that the dominant colour doesn't take over and I need to cover it in winter, or it will die! I can't have this beauty fade, not on my watch!


Anna @ IHOD said...

WOW. Incredibly beautiful! They look like a sunset!
We are just starting to get some blooms in our yard:)

Valerie Griffin said...


Bethany said...

Hibiscus is DEF my fave too. SO Jealous of you.. those are stunning!!

Daisy said...

wow those colors are beautiful!!
Lucky you to have such a beautiful plant in your garden.

Jenna said...

Beautiful, what luck! You'll have to point them out to me next time I'm over :)


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