A really challenging day

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We moved today. There will be some posts on this later on, but all I can say now is that even the new consumer protection law could not protect us from people lying about water damage, and a tenant in the garden flat moving out on the day that we moved in claiming that he has been 'transferred to Port Elizabeth'. I call bullshit!

Disappointment after disappointment kept peering out around every corner, we had a small disaster with our curtains, which are almost sorted, and in between it all we had to make some living space out of millions of boxes and still keep a watchful eye over Mila.

She fell in the swimming pool twice today. I'm still almost in tears about this. She kept running after me, wherever I went, and I would just hear a splash and my puppy crying. Gee whiz, what a way to put your nerves at end. Luckily, she is going to work with Flip tomorrow, so she won't be at home alone. We'll try and sort out a playpen as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, I tried to take some photos of Mila while she was awake and I had some spare time.


What the hell, why are you barking at me? (I made her bark btw, it's freaking cute.)

 Not this time. Let's try it once more.

Got you!
I think I am going to have to work on my photography skills! 
Crying shame that I can't take any action photos of her.


Jenna said...

I've said this a million billion times but miss mila is just beautiful :)

Sorry the move was more stressful than expected, moving is no fun even when everything goes smoothly. I'm sure all of your hard work and frustrations will pay off in the end though :)


Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Ah what a cute little pup! I love these pics!

See Me Rwar

NauticalWheeler said...

awww so cute!!! good luck with the move, hope things start to go your way

From Brooklyn with love,


Melissa said...

What an adorable little puppy! I love her name! I am currently asking the boyfriend for one but no such luck until we have a place with a yard.

Hopefully things get worked out with your move!


Anna @ IHOD said...

Moving can be such a drag, but I hope it proves to be a good one!
Puppy is wayyy to cute for words!

Natalie said...

i'm sorry you had such a bad moving day! hopefully it gets better soon!

Christi Lynn said...

i cant get over your puppy!! how adorable.

Lipgloss Kisses said...

She is gorgeous. :) My friend just had a baby last week and named her Mila.

Eli said...

Hope things are looking up now!

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