Rummikub and puppy breath

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This weekend we finally got around to pulling tearing (with my heart’s desire) at the stinky, filthy, stained wall-to-wall carpet in our bedroom. We inherited an already ugly carpet from the previous home owners, but with having the pups sleeping in our room, and Jethro not being entirely house-trained, well, you can imagine, it got worse.

 The little culpritface.

After a grueling Saturday of working and cleaning, and coughing my lungs out no thanks to all the dust that was hiding in that filthy carpet, Flip and I both passed out at shamefully early hours, for a weekend. Meanwhile, on Sunday we watched my brother play bowls. Yes, the old people's sport. He is quite good at it, but unfortunately this weekend wasn't a good one for his game. 

Mila nearly breaking both her paws and crying like a banshee didn't help much for anyone's concentration either. You see, she tried to jump off a park bench, but her paws caught in the bench, and she made a summersault, falling flat on her back. Poor baby. After all that drama, we retreated to the safety of my parent's house. You know, old people don't like noises while they are playing such an intense, thinking man's game such as bowls.

After lunch, we decided to become a few thinking men and played Rummikub.

1 - My board. I always lose. I'm not good at math.
2 - Flip, deep in thought.
3 - Mom, deep in thought.

The pups wanted in as well. The pointy eared bowzer is my my mum's pup.
Her name is Juno and she and Mila differ just one day.
(All photos taken with the iPhone. Not the best quality.)
She gave up.

PS: I have been really untactful to someone today and I feel like an absolute cow about it. To that person, I apologise once again. 


Jenna said...

Hey Megs, I feel like I haven't seen you in ages - life is just running away with us! The pups are so cute!!! And I love rummycup (spelling?) we always play when we visit Jurgen's family :)


Anonymous said...

i want to eat your dogs!! SO CUTE!

christine donee said...


Natalie said...

your dogs are adorable!!

Natalie said...

your dogs are adorable!!

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