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Monday, April 15, 2013

The South African design front is exciting me more and more everyday! I love how talented the people are and I love sharing it with you. To prove that local is always the lekkerest, Ingrid Auret from Maiden Name shares her inspirations behind her creations, her love for design and what it's like to be your own boss.

In her own words Ingrid describes Maiden Name as - a business that was started with the hope that it will grow into a much-love shop and brand. Every product is hand painted and made with lots of love. Maiden Name pieces are all made to order and because it is handmade, might not be perfect, but each piece is slightly unique. 

Maiden Name consists of two categories, somethings for you - where you will find jewellery and accessories and somethings for your home - where you will find decor.

SFL also had a quick interview with Ingrid to find out about the person behind the brand.

Ingrid, design is booming in South Africa. Why did you start this business?  
 I always knew that the 8-5 desk job is not  for me, so after 2 years of doing the desk job thing as an exhibition  stand designer (which I absolutely hated!), an opportunity to do an  internship at a local decor magazine popped up and I grabbed it. 

It was very stressful to leave the comfort of a monthly salary, but I was only 23  with no expenses or responsibilities other than rent. I figured rather do  it now while I only have myself to worry about. After a month of interning  I got the opportunity to start doing freelance exhibition stand design
work for a company in Holland (very lucky!) So left the magazine and  started my freelance venture, very excited! 

I then also had time to pursue  my biggest dream of starting a product range (Maiden Name). I consider  myself very lucky and making very scary decisions, which turned out to be the best decisions I have made so far in my life. I am now excited about  'work' everyday and I also love exhibition design (which I am still doing freelance).

Not a lot of people have that kind of moxie to do their own thing. What are some of the challenges of being your own boss?
The biggest  challenge is definitely the financial aspect, it is very stressful! But that is all - other than that, being your own boss is great, if you are driven,  motivated and have enough self control to get up early (business hours)  and work till late (non business hours).

 You have to be willing to put in a  lot more hours than you get 'paid' for.

You create these amazing, handmade items. Where do you get your inspiration from?
am so inspired by any form of  design, and especially here in our own South Africa, we do it so well and  after a recent trip to Europe I learned that we are SO up there, if not better, at being designers and creatives! I am extremely proud of where  South Africans are at design wise. South Africa and South Africans inspire me.

Ditto! We have amazing talent in this country. What is your favourite colour to work with?
White white white!

White always stays stylish and modern and goes with anything. Although I  have a personal obsession with black at the moment, we just painted one of our walls black and I cannot stop smiling about it!

Black eh? Hope it's a chalkboard wall. So, what would you do if you won the lotto?
Buy myslef and the boyf a small,  old Victorian house in Tamboerskloof that we can renovate and make our  own. And then see the world, I would travel. It is worth so much more than any earthly belongings.

I am so in agreement with you. Traveling is one of the greatest things about life. But tell me, what has been your proudest moments since you started?
I was out for drinks with friends around the middle of last year, had to go to the loo and as I
entered another girl was leaving the bathroom. She paused, pointed at my  satchel and said: "That's Maiden Name".

I was so excited that someone in a  random place recognised the Maiden Name satchel!


Ingrid was so awesome that she is giving away two of her stunning handcrafted items - a coathanger, which I am absolutely drooling over, and a to-die for bowl with a little kitten in it.

How to win:
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May the best one win! Good luck!
*All photos via Ingird Auret


Carrott said...

I already like the Maiden Name page, and am so happy to find your page too, how lovely :)

Have also completed all of the additional steps (Cara_CT on Twitter :))

Have been coveting the coat hook for ages, and am basically obsessed with cats, so the bowl would be such a great addition to my dressing table :)

Thanks for a great interview and giveaway!

Idele said...

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Anonymous said...

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Claudz said...

What a great interview and giveaway. Not entering this time but definitely checking out Maiden Name's site.

Good luck to everyone entering!

Sam said...

Hi Megan, how have you been, I was away on a mini blog break so sorry for not visiting. I love discovering amazing new SA talent, thanks for sharing the beautiful designs of Ingrid with us!

Anonymous said...

All done :) @Danicabartho

Gia said...

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I am not part of the twittersphere though, so I guess I will hold fingers and toes.

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Tammy Perry said...

Alo Lovely!!

I have completed all the steps and would LOVE to get my pretty hands on all those pretty girly goodies! Maiden Name has some totally adorable goodies! Have seen some of her products on Utique and I adore them!

Email address:
Twitter handle: Tamsw9

Salochana Naidoo said...

Lovely giveaway! Liked, tweeted, commented and shared! :)

Granted said...

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