A day at the Zoo!

Monday, July 16, 2012

As a blogger/journalist, I always keep my eyes open for interesting and little-known things and places. Things I can share with the world and that would make me feel like I was Columbus on a discovery adventure!

On my way to a work event I saw a tiny little roadsign that read Lory Park Zoo {mandamnit! I forgot to take a picture of the roadsign}.  I was very curios to know more about this Zoo, as I have never heard of it before, and I would never have imagined that Midrand would hide a gem such as this.

Joburgers and Snor City people: take note! The animals that are kept here look as if they are owned by royals, unlike those at Joburg Zoo or Pretoria Zoo {please don't sue me if you guys ever so happen to read this}. The animals were fat, healthy, well groomed {in the best sense of a groomed wild animal}, and, well, happy.

First up was the meerkat!

Some cats!

Flip looking as happy as he ever would.

I made friends with this lovely cuckatoo! So pink! 


Gina said...

adorable pictures! I love the zoo!


Tamaras Blend said...

I haven't been to the zoo for the agessss! Thanks for the idea!

the lovebirds said...

you've made me crave a trip to the zoo!!! love your cute blog! xo

Lisamarie said...

Flip looks like such a happy man! =)

Sadie Dear said...

I love zoo days! Our family has a membership at our local zoo, and we try to visit often!

KERRIN said...

your blog is so delightful! let's follow each other! xx

Alexa said...

Fun! Love going to the zoo!

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