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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today, I am very excited to share a post by a little hottie - Miss Gaelyn - who came across my path while I was on my own weight loss journey. Blogging at Heart of Iron and sharing tips and inspiration at A New Weigh, this iron-lady inspired me by her amazing story. Now, she is sharing her craziest diet fad ever. Quite a funny story!
Well this is actually a post I’m not entirely proud to share with the public, but it is one that I think certainly needs to be shared so that nobody else ever feels this desperate! (And nobody ever acts as stupidly!)
In 2010 I started to really see my body for what it had become, for what I had made it. A fat, cellulite ridden, unhealthy, unfit body that served me in no positive way. I was at risk of developing high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as diabetes. I knew that if I fell pregnant at that weight I would be classed as “High Risk” as obesity increases your risk of miscarriage. I knew I needed to change, and fast.
I have always loved exercise, so knew that would be a good place to start. I joined the gym and started working out a few times a week. Unfortunately I hadn’t yet learned the importance of including the right diet too – and so began to get very frustrated with my lack of results. One of the trainers at the gym I attended mentioned that some of the ladies had experienced great success with various pills. All of them were illegal; you can’t just buy them at a pharmacy or health shop. I was convinced that without them I would not lose weight either. Who wouldn’t want a tablet to do the hard work for them?
Enter the following: Clenbuterol. This is a drug used for asthmatic patients, which is known to increase your internal heat and metabolism therefore resulting in weight loss. It is a prescription medication that is actually banned in some countries. It is extremely addictive (I did not know that at the time!) And has side effects like excessive sweating (gross), palpitations, tremors and body pain. I started taking it, and despite getting the shakes am very relieved that I did not experience anything else. In one month I didn’t really see any great changes, and it was expensive – so I stopped it. (How crazy that my reason for stopping was not the DANGER!!)
I also tried F#*K off Fat: It contains various random “natural products” but the one that really surprised me is Yohimbine. This is a BANNED substance in South Africa!! F off Fat is marketed (obviously underground) as a pill for the “Yummy Mummies”. Surprisingly it is most popular in the Eastern Cape of all places. Again it was hard to find listed ingredients and side effects documented anywhere so I knew I would have to just give it a go! I didn’t feel any side effects at all to be honest, and lost no weight. (Again a harsh reality that no pill will do the work for you!)
After both of these failed to “Fix Me” I was considering something that some fitness models and body builders used, an injection you administered yourself shortly before you work out. The day I came home from gym to start researching this, is the day that I had a reality slap across the face! Was I seriously considering INJECTING myself with a dodgy drug to target stubborn areas of fat???? I would NEVER do drugs like cocaine or ecstacy, but I considered this? Holy smokes Gaelyn!!!!
And just like that I packed away the bottles of random dodgy and ineffective tablets, and decided that when I did lose weight, I would do it on my own. The only medicine I used would be my food, I would journal my way through my issues, and I would do it safely. And 35kg later I am proud to say that I HAVE found a winning formula! No pills, no shakes, no illegal, no undercover, no tremors, no sweating (apart from the good exercise kind) and no risk!!
Thanks so much Meg for allowing me the opportunity to share my experiences, I really do hope it will stop another woman from venturing into that side of things, and choose to rather stick to a healthy balance of diet and exercise! 

Told you she's a total hottie! 


KateF - The blogger that doesnt blog said...

What an amazing and honest post! Loved it!!

And I totally agree...major hottie alert ;-)

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Wow I think you are the first person to refer to me as a hottie (apart from my husband haha!) Thanks so much for inviting me to share my story!

Mrs FF said...

Scary the things we are wiling to go through and put in our bodies in the name of weight loss!!!

amy desouza said...

its really awesome and fab Crossfit verona

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