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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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On a soaking wet Sunday, I somehow convinced my husband to go to a market I have never heard of before. (Yes, I am a bit oblivious to life in general). We didn't have any other plans and decided to give The Collective, at 3 Desmond street, in Kramerville, a visit. I was expecting something like Neighbourgoods, but instead was surprised by a very small, not-at-all crammed market with mostly clothing and jewelery.

Now, The Collective is a pop-up market and "includes beautiful local and international clothing designers, jewellers, ceramicists, fabric makers, furniture designers, vintage clothes collectors and home ware specialists."

The eats included Paul Ballen's amazing ice cream (which I wanted to buy with all my might, but it was just too cold), croissants, eggs Benedict and coffee.

We didn't stay long, just perused the stalls and got out, escaping to the heat of our car as quickly as possible. I think if it was a warmer day it would have been fuller.

On of the stalls that particulalry caught my eye was Black Betty Design, with its dainty little rings and necklaces. I'm looking for a very delicate chain bracelet and thought that they might have something, but alas. Their other designs are to die for though!

The range also makes use of polki diamonds, which is just beautiful! This is what they have to say about it.

Diamond cutting changes a rough diamond into a chiseled angular stone. Since Polki Diamonds are basically uncut, they have far less fire or brilliance when compared to chiseled diamonds. Their beauty is subtle. These diamonds are mined from the earth and retained in their natural form with virtually no modification. Raw and virtually uncut.

Every Polki diamond is unique and we wanted the designs to highlight this ancient stone’s organic, raw and imperfect qualities. These imperfections are highlighted by coating the under sides of our diamonds in sterling silver before they’re encased in 14 karat gold and then captured into various settings. This process ensures that all the rough lines are accentuated and reflect through each stone. Fourteen karat gold is the perfect metal to case these stones in because of its pale gold colouring which complements the grayish Polki hue. The casing mimics the shape of each stone which once again captures its naturally raw shape. The setting of each piece has carefully been designed to throw the entire spotlight on the diamond, settings are delicate and simple, uncomplicated just like the naturalness of the stones.

Polki diamonds are evergreen and are right for all ages and occasions. These very beautiful diamonds are very honorable when received with a pure heart...

The art of using Polki Diamonds in jewellery has been a tradition for centuries in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. In Rajasthan, wedding jewellery and family heirlooms are considered incomplete without these uncut beauties.

The Polki Diamond maintains it’s value in all markets internationally and are a great investment.

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