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Thursday, March 20, 2014

This might be a short work week, with tomorrow being a public holiday - Family Day and Human Rights Day - which I am aptly spending with my family. My brother and his wife share March as their birth months and we are going to celebrate that. We are also going to laugh at my brother when the episode of Noot vir Noot he was in airs. Yes, it might be a short week, but I have learnt so much.

Life is fleeting. It can be over in a second. Relationships can be over sooner than expected. Don't put off that phonecall with your mom, kiss your loved ones goodbye in the morning - tell them that you love them.  Go for that coffee that you've been promising for such a long time. Go for long walks with your person.

You don't always have to argue.

Teamwork is important.

Instead of complaining, ask how you can help.

If you had an argument, so what, cuddling is more important.

Say yes more often.

The tv isn't everything. Switch it off every now and again.

Listen more, talk less. Not just to voices, listen to the birds singing, dogs barking, be happy that you are alive. Be grateful.

Exercise. It does your body and mind so much good. If you have a body in a fairly good working condition, use it.

Don't hold grudges.

Just be happy, it is also good for your health.

Love unconditionally.


Ali Graaff said...

Beautifully said hun!

Martina @snapshotsandwhatnots said...

These are such beautiful sentiments and things we often forget or take for granted. Enjoy your family day.

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