You know you're a grown up when...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You finally start buying big pieces of furniture for your house. We have been living in our house for almost three years now and never had a dining table. It's not that we didn't want one, but I have very specific taste in things and it took me this long to actually muster up the courage to buy a freaking table. Buyers remorse is so much with me.

Anyway, so we went and bought a dining table from @home this weekend, along with two chairs - will buy the rest as time goes on, but we are two people, so don't need more than that at the moment. When we have dinner parties, we'll just add BYOC in the invites. That's short for bring your own chair.

I simply cannot wait to get the table into it's little space, which one friend has annexed and dubbed 'her room'.

I'm already salivating about all the ideas for decorating and found a few inspirational pins on Pinterest. I cannot wait to have soirees and dinner parties galore. I feel so grown up now.


Johlet said...

Stunning tafel!

Claudz said...

wow!! stunning table
Looking back now I am sad that we don't have a bigger house with space for a dining room

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