My dog hates getting her feet wet

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This post started out as an Instagram post, but it turned out sooo long, that I decided to write a blogpost about this dog of mine. 

This mêdem thinks she's human. 

She hates getting her feet wet, so with all the incessant downpour in Joburg, getting her to go outside and pee is a job in itself. I have to carry her onto the grass, as far as possible from a door - so she doesn't just bolt back inside - and stand there and wait for her to finish. If I move, she moves. And I can tell that she's been holding it in long, because she squats for a few minutes. 

Then, to show her disappointment with me, she doesnt get back in on my side of the bed - as she usually does - but gets in on Flip's side, or goes and sleeps on the couch! She's unbelievable! 😳

When I got home yesterday, she came to greet me, but froze where the wet grass starts. She's blocking my way, so I prompt her to walk, but instead she turns around and stares up at me. I again urge her to start walking, but instead she props her feet up against me, as if she is asking me to pick her up and carry her over te wet grass! 

She's such a character. I didn't pick her up though, she covered a 10 m stretch in about three leaps, anything to just not get her feet wet! 

Does your pet do stuff like this? Please tell me I'm not the only one.


Gae Cokayne - Heart of Iron said...

Hahaha oh yes, Zeus is exactly the same! He doesn't know he weighs close to 40kg, and certainly doesn't know he's a dog. He hates getting wet, hates getting his feet wet too (except he is too heavy to be carried so has to deal with it) and when there's a storm will climb right onto my lap with his paws on my shoulders!

Martina @ snapshotsandwhatnots said...

Yep my parents dog won't walk on the grass to pee if it's wet - he will however roll in wet grass and puddles if he encounters it on a walk though so I think he's just being a bit of diva!

Ms. Emmy N said...

My dog is the exact same way! She's teeny tiny, and doesn't get out much, so she usually loves it, but when the grass is wet, she will have none of it!

Odette J said...

My dog is the complete opposite. He loves water and actually cries if we water the grass and don't allow him to come near the hosepipe. Needless to say, bathtime is relatively easy, he only gets fuss when it's time for him to get dry.

Jade Wright said...

Hahahaha this is hilarious Megan! My dogs are all huge, clumsy, lovable oafs that live in the Garden Route so they love the beach, lagoon and water. Any chance to get messy is great for them.
She must definitely be a Joburg dog :)

Hope the JHB weather clears love xxx

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