How going to a Joburg market finally convinced me to get a new phone

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ugh, I need a new phone. I have finally made peace with this very uneasy truth. I have never had the opportunity to actually upgrade from one phone to the other, as I have always left my cellphone in a shop somewhere, had it stolen out of a handbag in a club or just generally misplaced it and never found it ever again. So I am one of those fortunate people who have always been forced to get a new phone, whether I was buying a cellphone or just quickly doing a simswop for a family member's old phone.

Now, I am in the position where I am forced to get a new one because my old iPhone 4S sucks, big time and it is time for un upgrade anyway. Not only is its screen smashed, the back of it is smashed too - I have replaced both so many times now that I don't even bother anymore, I know it will just be broken within the next hour or so. I am a serial cellphone dropper, notorious at that. It might be because I always want to carry everything in my hands, despite having a handbag JUST there.

The other reason I need a new phone is because this old rickety thing of mine takes KAK photos. I think all the times I've dropped it has messed with its head and no matter what I try, they all come out kak. Case in point, when my friend and I recently visited a few Joburg Markets around the city. Now, I know you might be thinking why I am using a phone to take blogpost pics and not a proper camera - truth is, I will remember everything there is to remember, but to charge the batteries on my camera? Fuggetaboutit. Where I put my four memory cards? No idea. So phones are just more reliable than I am.

Our first stop was The Sheds@1Fox , which is quite lekker on a Thursday, because it has bands going, good food, craft beer and none of the hipsters. I like hipsters though. But on Saturdays, I think it is still being overshadowed by Neighbourgoods.

Come on people, why is no one visiting 1Fox? Why trample each other to death at the other markets if you have so much more space here, but pretty much the same on offer? This problem needs to be fixed - like my phone.

Our second stop was - tuddumtish - Neighbourgoods. Whoa. Overcrowded markets probably brings out the introvert in errrbody. People watching is quite interesting, but while there I definitely thought that my tv and my couch was inching up on my priority list.

We also checked out the Factory on Grant, which is quaint and doesn't quite pack the punch of the other two markets. We went there after one of the stall owners at Neighbourgoods told us that their shop was based here - a screenprinting shop, which offers classes in the lost[?] art. BONUS: On Fridays, The Factory has a nighmarket - I am yet to visit - where you can get a stall FOR FREE and sell your goodies. I bake some mean rusks, maybe I should drop in on a Friday and sell them with some boeretroos.

Coming back to my phone, this dilemma comes in - currently my contract is dirt cheap, because it is also so ancient that it could be excavated with the dinosaurs. I don't like spending money when I don't need to.

So I thought instead of upgrading, I should just buy a newer secondhand phone and just do a simswop and keep my old dirt cheap contract. Life hack unlocked and accomplished? Methinks so.

Selling my phone? As much as I would love to have done that, and use Gumtree's new Phone Price Checker tool to see what I could get for my unapolgetically used iPhone - I doubt that anyone would want to buy this old hack Its battery doesn't even last five minutes.  But maybe I will slip it in under secondhand phones and see if I get an offer ;)

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