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Monday, July 6, 2015

If you are a sucker for real American cuisine, like my dear husband - you know, those types of dishes you see on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives - then Brooklyn Brothers, which recently opened in Bedford Centre is definitely worth a visit.

Besides the very trendy design elements the company used to decorate their space - including wood, exposed lights and black subway tiles, they also have a motto: "If you like it, eat it." This definitely applies here, as it boasts milkshake flavours such as Salted Caramel Popcon, Roasted Marsmallow and American Apple Pie. This is just but a few mentions. Oh and their buffalo wings comes in 20 different flavours! Guys! Where do you even start?

For those that are particularly peckish, or have come in a large group - tricky, as you would have to book well in advance to have space - there's also the option of buying ONE HUNDRED buffalo wings, aptly known as The Brotherhood. Could you even? I think I need to set up one of those food contest challenges with my friends to see who can eat the most wings.

Regrettably I don't have any proper pics of what we ate, but for those ladies that are watching what they eat and still want to abide by the rules, you can have the 'Skinny' option, just toss the buns aside.

What made this place especially fun and different is their menus. You receive a clipboard, a pen and a sheet of paper with all the options you would like - want onions? You can have onions! Want mushrooms? You go mushrooms!

Want fries with that? then you'll have to think very carefully, as you also get quite a few options here. We opted for fries topped with cheese, jalapenos and mince, because YUM! But I wasn't too fond of it, as I soon realised there was some baked beans in there. I hate baked beans! Why do Americans like it so?

My husband opted for a basket of 'suicidal' hot wings, but we both are used to really hot and spicy food and felt that it was a bit too tame for our taste. They do have extra chillie sauce, so perhaps, if you would like the bite, opt for that. Flip also had a beef smashburger which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Oh and before I forget, the clever guys at Brooklyn Brothers also tapped into the craft beer market and have several favourites and some American flavours as well.

For about R250 for two people, you will want to roll out of this restaurant.  While other online reviews were a bit harsh - remember, it is still in its teething phase - it's worth a visit! 

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