Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You might not be aware of this, but I started and still run Staffordshire Terrier Rescue South Africa, as staffies are terribly close to my heart and I cannot stand the idea that these beautiful, special and lovely dogs are in shelters, out in the cold (in some) and not getting the attention they deserve (in some). 

 Staffies are actually very attached to their people and crave constant attention and they demand to sleep in bed with you. I started the 'rescue' - currently only a facebook page with about 4 000 followers - after I bought my first staffie, Mila. I soon realised hat there were a lot of staffies actually looking for homes in shelters, and not just 'pavement specials'. 

It is a pipedream to someday start a non-profit staffie sanctuary, but then I would need a bigger yard, and a bigger bed. But for now I help rehome dogs that their owners can no longer keep, or want. 

Could you believe that one 'owner' phoned me and told me if I don't come and fetch his dog now, he is going to let the gate open so she can run away, because they were moving to Cape Town in three days? I have heard of many other horror stories and have been involved with finding homes for staffies that were used as bait dogs. They turned around at their graves and emerged as the most loving, sweetest and gentle dogs you have ever seen. 

One thing I have learned is that rescue dogs are the most forgiving creatures on earth. Despite the abuse, neglect and pain they went through, they just want and crave love and attention and they want a lot of it! Rescue pets are the most rewarding pets! 

 I too have two rescues, which I got through my rescue page. Diezel and Minkie, which are my models. Both these dogs owners had moved to places they could not take their pets with and while Diezel was quickly rehomed, Minkie sat in a kennel for months, hurting herself as a result of kennel stress. I remember when I met Minkie for the first time, she was so happy to be out of her cage that she was uncontrollable, borderline annoying.

 {lazy pillow c/o Hill's Pet Food}

Now, she is the most chilled dog on the face of this earth. Minkie was also super feisty when we got her and she would bite me all the time, especially if I tried to put medicine on her raw wounds - self-inflicted from kennel stress. 

That's why Hills is also trying to create awareness of the plight of these periled pooches and as such teamed up with TEARS Animal Rescue, in Cape Town - which also often have staffies and pitbulls. #Savedbythedogs is an initiative that hopes to change people’s perception of rescue dogs; rather than unwanted castaways they are superheroes in the making, able to transform human lives with love and companionship. 

Each month, as part of the campaign, TEARS takes some of their four-legged superheroes into central Cape Town, rescuing people from the daily grind with an opportunity to walk a dog or play with the super-cute puppies.

 #savedbythedogs is happening once a month with the next outing on Wednesday 15 July, from 11am to 2pm. For info and dates follow #savedbythedogs or contact TEARS Animal Rescue on 021 785 4482 / 061 722 7903 /bit.ly/savedbythedogs.

I CHALLENGE JOBURG RESCUES TO DO THE SAME! We need something like this in the bustling city, just to slow down and have a refreshing afternoon outside with dogs that so desperately want love. 

Also, if you would like to get your hands on a lazy pillow, here's your chance. Let your best friend snuggle up on a cosy new #hillslazybed this winter. The giant lazy pillows (worth R350) are free when you purchase two bags of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine sized between 10kg and 13.6kg. The pillow comes in three colour variations and is ideal for medium and large dogs. For mini breeds the super-cute lazy pouch (available in five colours and worth R250) is free when you purchase two bags of Hill’s Science Plan or Ideal Balance Canine Mini sized between 1.81kg and 3kg. The #hillslazybed offer is available at participating veterinary outlets from 1 July, while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.


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Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

You are a very special person Meg - these staffs are lucky to have you in there lives!
Making such a difference... x

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