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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sticking to the recent theme of decoration, I though I would bring back one of my first posts, write it a bit better. My brother texted me this morning and asked me about two magnets on my fridge, which I bought at an expo. I couldn’t remember the artist’s name, but then I googled every possible thing that could lead me to her, and eventually I found her. I am quite a fan of quirky art. So here goes.

Sheep. These creatures are often misconstrued as dull, dumb and ignorant. Even scary, in my case. However, Johannesburg-based artist AnnGadd has found a way to liven up these critters, painting them in everyday situations, often in a humorous light. She also leaves no stone unturned, tackling social problems, as well as social figures such as Nelson Mandela and Gordon Ramsey.

She explains that she has been painting since 1997, but only painted her first Sheep portrait in 2002. However, this idea stalled for a few years, until 2006 when she kept on dreaming that she had to paint sheep. It soon became an absolute best seller in galleries. Quirky, interesting and bright, these portraits will definitely serve as a talking point in any room. 

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