A weekend at the sea...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After driving for six hour, from a rather warm Johannesburg, we arrived. It was cold, late and we went to sleep.

Morning, Poached eggs. Bacon and Toast. Two cups of coffee. Soon I'll be in the Umhlanga sea.

Things twenty something do not want to do when they are by the sea
1 - Sit in a two and a half hour meeting about shit! That doesn't involve certain twenty somethings and that certain twenty something doesn't even understand.

Things twenty something want to do when they are by the sea
1 - Swim
2 - Tan
3 - Drink

But by the time I got to the beach, I was alone. And with the weather being four centigrades south of shit, this wasn't proving to be a fun time. Dank! Eventually, I decided to leave the tumultuous, cold sea to do number three on my list.

After acquiring a Cosmopolitan, the magazine, not the drink, I sat myself down at a restaurant and ordered quite a few chatty gin and tonics. At the same time, Manchester United was playing Liverpool. Cheering fans was the soundtrack of the day. And that's where the fun started. 

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Jenna said...

Looks like fun! - You two and your Hooters haha - you should do a hooters road trip in the USA one day :)

Thanks for the FB message - unfortunately the jurgenator and I will be in Cape Town for a wedding this weekend - but then Jurgen is leaving for Switzerland for 3 weeks (3 WEEKS!) and I think I might die! Please be my friend! haha


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