My two cents on Breaking Dawn

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This post is way overdue, but I have been a bit busy. I also just wrote this whole post and then the computer busted out. SO I'm going to write the quicker version.

Wow! What a terrific movie! It was really worth the long wait. No, I am not a Twihard, I haven't even read the books. However, my friends who read it, was quite dissapointed with the differences between the two.

I thought it was awesome! And gruesome! There were scenes that had me near vomiting, scenes that made me yell out loud with the rest of the movie goers and scenes that really had me rolling my eyes. At one stage I was so queasy that I grabbed my popcorn box closer in case I couldn't hold it in anymore.

But I would definitely recommend it! Even if you haven't seen the first movies in the series/saga. Yes, there will be a few gaps as to who fits in where and yes, you will miss the 'inside' jokes, but it still provides great entertainment value.

I am going for seconds some time. A friend of mine could not make the first screening and I promised her that I would be her date. She watched it with her other friends in the meantime, but a promise is a promise! Besides, I think I missed quite a few things the first time, a result of running commentary between my friends and I through out the film.

(I still think Edward is hot as heck! Screw all you haters!)

PS - I made some changes to my bucket list, had a few things to tick off, a cousin told me so. Go check it out!

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PPSS - Posts that are still coming up include my birthday celebrations post and a whole lotta stuff about Christmas. Coming soon to a Second Floor Living blog near you.


Lischen said...

Hi :) It's "guten Abend" :)
Thanks for your lovely comment!!
I hope you'll stop by again soon! :)


Krystal said...

I can't read this! I haven't seen it!!! :(

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