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Friday, August 3, 2012

It feels like I have taken a years break from blogging, because I didn't do anything internet related this weekend. I worked in the garden, bought a few flowers and just had a great relaxing time. Thus, this post might seem a few days late.

We celebrated the opening of the Olympics at the Keg & Crow. Told you I loved this place.
It's like our MacLaren's Pub from How I met your mother. 
And Lily, Marshal, Ted, Barney & Robyn has nothing on us. Nothing!

We also had our own olympics at our table.
These two won gold for the fiercest faces.

Flip and I took first prize for not being able to keep a straight normal face in a pic.

Nico here finished dead last in the chili eating competition. 
He was the only one who competed.

We also had Springbokkies to honour our countries green and gold. Everyone at the pub cheered when the rings were in the air, and there were a few tears, mostly mine. People also cheered everytime an African country would appear. It was stunning!

To quote Nico: "The best thing about events like this is that it unites everyone. Every body just fucking loves each other."


The Pink Growl said...

I love How I Met your Mother! And how could you not love the name Keg & Crow? How cute!

meme-and-he said...

Good for you for taking a little break from blogging! We all need it sometimes.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i would win first place in loudest screams for eating peppers.

Niki said...

I'm going to try making this this weekend! I'm always happy to have a new drink recipe!!

Lisamarie said...

I am so happy you did something fun to watch the opening ceremonies! I did too. I love the Olympics for the same reason Nico does. Although, I think Nico said it better than I could have. =)

Marina said...

I would love to have my own MacLaren's Pub :)

Kristen @ KV's Confessions said...

Sounds like such a GOOD time... love those!! We definitely need our own MacLaren's! Currently it's Chili's... but only because of their Presidente Margs and chips & salsa :P

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