A day in Braamfontein

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today I found out that Braamfontein means blackberry fountain. Ironic, as there are no blackberries (except for those in peoples' hands) or fountains in this inner city district of Johannesburg.
I've, by chance, driven through this suburb (well, according to Wikipedia, it's a suburb but I wouldn't likely call it a residential area) a few times, but have never really stopped there to explore.

Lately, with the rejuvenation of the city's inner 'burbs, a lot of people have been flocking to the area and with good reason - there's 72 Juta, a little hive of artisanal cafes and designer shops; The Great Dane - a restaurant that serves the most amazing looking chips on earth; the Neighbourgoods Market; Toms music shop; the Joburg Civic Theatre aaaand a whole bunch of other things that you would just have to go out and explore yourself - like the Eland statue - or the guy who sells shoes out of the back of a van.

Ah, and of course, it also boasts with the Nelson Mandela bridge, which is sort of a cultural landmark for every new movie or advertisement that is made in Joburg. We only have one bridge in Joburg guys. For reals.

It made for some really nice shots with my iPhone. Anyway, you guys must now non-stop watch every single television station available in South Africa, because there was a filming crew there and I accidentally walked into their shot the whole time - I'm practically a soap opera star now.

Coming up tomorrow -  I share the food of Juta. 


Johlet said...

whahaha accidentally walked into their shot??? Jy is funny!

Claudz said...

I have been looking for Great Dane for ages, but for some reason I am blind and keep missing it.
I never knew braamies = blackberry fountain. weird!

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