The food of Juta - part 1

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Neighbourgoods Market

I've heard a lot about this market in Juta street, with people raving about the food and the vibe - I found it a bit tooo overcrowded - perhaps I'm a hermit, but one guy did say that they were counting the people as they went inside the abandoned parking lot, where the market now finds itself, and that there were about 1 500 people inside. We were standing in a queue of about 100 people, waiting to get in. Eventually, we walked up a ramp, under some pretty bulbs and then Flip and I wandered - ahem, more like forcibly pushed our way through - swarms of people boasting black frame glasses with no purpose, scarves, leather shoes, funny hair and beards that look like they belong in a German competition. I had no problem with the latter - love me some beard.

Beards aside, there were also a lot of old people - which irked me, because Flip did something inappropriate and I said For fuck sakes really loud, and it felt like every old person at the market turned around to give me a scathing look. Seriously, you never heard a curse word before?

 While there were load and loads of food stalls that I just wanted to burrow my face in and die a happy, fat death, I didn't take too many photos of the options - one, because of the aforementioned crowd and two, because I didn't feel like asking every single table permission to snap a pic. While Flip was a little overwhelmed by all the people, as you can see below, I was enthralled by all the little tasters some of the stalls had to offer. And dammit, did I accidentally taste the Ooh La La Artisan Confectionery's Chocolate Pecan Pebbles! I had to buy it, it was sooo good. Can you just imagine this taste - pecans, set in salted butter caramel enrobed in couverture white chocolate? It was just the best tasting thing ever.

Flip opted for a more meaty option, going for Hilda's Pies. Now, Afrikaans people and 7de Laan fans will now that you shouldn't willingly eat a pie by someone with the name Hilda - and with equally strange combinations, such as beef and red wine pie, you should really just turn the other way. But am I glad we didn't! Her pies go for a whopping R38 a piece, but it's worth every penny, because it was packed with meaty deliciousness. Definitely a stall I would recommend, especially when the queues start forming for burgers and pizza. Someone should just tell the lady to smile. Grouch.

 As far at the drinking options went, I saw a margaritha bar, a fancy champagne soiree and some beer bar. Flip got himself a coffee beer that someone else ordered, but presumably this person walked away and he got it instead. It tasted just like COFFEE and BEER. Mind boggled. And that's us.

Tomorrow - Food of Juta - Part tweede!


Rachel said...

RIP diet? That is awesome!

Claudz said...

WOW! How hectic is that queue and that crowd!!
When we went it wasn't nearly as busy or as crowded and we could casually wander between stalls and try anything.
That pie looks amazing!

Kimberly said...

Wow I love coming upon new eats! I don't think I've been in a place with that many people in a LONG time though. And when you said it was loud - I could HEAR it! Lol glad you got some great pies though!! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride!


Sam said...

Hi Megan, always so great to hear from you! I haven't heard of this market before, cant believe how busy it is!
The diet cookies are so cute. I am also not so fond of crowds but it looks interesting to visit at least once.

AlinaLoves said...

I love food markets for all the food and drinks you can get (obviously!), but I find them overcrowded, too!

Odette J said...

those rip diet brownies(?) are gorgeous. I can totally relate to being overwhelmed by large crowds.

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