The animals of San Cha Len

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No, I'm not referring to our camping group, even though we were a bunch of animals. But there was some real animal there. Legit, four-legged ones.

The first night, as we were huddled around the fire in the early hours in the morning, one girl in our group grabbed her daughter and started running in the other direction. We all thought someone had approached our camp with a semi-automatic gun or something. There was a big commotion. Turned out to be a Nyala bull. An old one, everyone guessed. It was the coolest thing, he was so tame! And he grunted the whole time, looking for food. We took some pic of it in the night, but the day ones look so much better.

There were also some rabbits, which we tried to catch - but they were too fast. And geese that went off like a well-timed alarm, almost every fifteen minutes - even at night.

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