A baked Christmas

Friday, December 20, 2013

I decided that I would like to do something different this year, and instead of buying people presents that might end up in the back of a closet, or gather dust in some forgotten corner of the house, I will bake my Christmas presents.

I know that it will be enjoyed, in the moment and will be remembered for a while. 

Now, I already know what I'm baking and giving to whom, but I wanted to share these wonderful inspirational recipes with you. Perhaps I can inspire someone else to bake their pressies too!

Yes, I know, Hot Chocolate isn't a baked good, and not great for the SA Weather. 
But hey, why not change it up and make yourself a hot chocolate milkshake.


Mrs FF said...

Thoughtful gifts!!!

Chicara said...

Those cherry marshmallows look divine!

Niina - It seems pretty obvious. said...

It's always nice to get baked presents :) I would especially love to receive some cake pops haha! Merry Christmas!

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