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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Heeeeey! On Saturday, I received my blogger secret santa presents from Huibri, who blogs over at Sew Long Blog. You seriously need to hop on over to her blog right this minute, because it is just over the moon amazing. But be sure to hop on back here, otherwise this post would have been for nothing ;)

Huibri, you present could not have come at a better time! Oh boy, was I excited when I opened the parcel to see not one, but a whole bunch of individually wrapped parcels. I felt like I had failed in the wrapping department after opening yours (sorry to my secret santa gift recipient).

Huibri put so much effort into the wrapping, with little words on them to make me wonder what was inside and make me even more excited!

Inside, I found the most awesome baking goodies any girl could ask for! There was a sweet Moo Cow timer, that just killed me with cuteness, stationery for writing on food, sprinkles, a cake pops mould and some cupcake holders. Too cute!

 Thank you Huibri for my awesome gifts! They are just the best!

As I said, it couldn't have come at a better time, as yesterday was my birthday, and with my newly unwrapped goodies and newly found passion for baking, I wanted to bake a cake. I used the timer and sprinkles for my adventure in the kitchen. {Also, I used a vsco cam filter on these pics, which make them look like they come out of a 70's cookbook. I love it}

As I said on instagram {find me @waitingformeg} I let my staffie, Mila, decorate the cake.
It came out messy.
{not really}

It was delicious though.


Johlet said...

Hmmm en waar is my invite vir koek en tee???? hehe

Huibri said...

Glad you like your presents and a very happy birthday for yesterday.

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

Oh wow those really are beautiful!!! I am also a bit lacking in the wrapping dept - oops!!!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

AWESOME gifts and so perfect for you! Happy baking x

Kelly said...

What a fantastic gift! That is so beautiful and so much fun to unwrap a load of prezzies :) Enjoy baking some more!

Andrea | Clever Bird Banter said...

So awesome, and now you've introduced me to a new blogger to stalk ;)

Erin said...

Aww they are wrapped so beautifully, love that. And I wish I had the heart to do blog swaps. The first one I ever did was crap because I sent out all this amazing stuff and never got a single thing back in return, nor did the girl reply back to my emails. So now I'm just all anti blog swap haha.

Sam said...

Hi Megan, Happy Festive Season, how are all the preps and gift shopping going? You are the luckiest girl to receive such an amazing gift. I love anything to do with baking, and the cake looks divine, you are an ace baker too! I appreciate your opinion on my last post, have a great Friday doll!

JessV said...

Thanks for popping in at my blog, I really appreciate it!
Just spent a fun half-hour browsing your blog, great posts, will definitely bookmark you now!

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