Rondavel Soaps {giveaway winner}

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hey everybody! The day is finally here, I'm announcing the Rondavel Soaps giveaway winner. I've been quiet in the meantime, down and out with upper-respiratory tract infection. And let me tell you it sucks. I woke up o Friday morning feeling iffy, but stubborn old me still partied away until the early hours, because it was our year-end function.

This means that I'm currently on leave and have some time to recover, thank goodness. I really just hate wasting summer like this. I feel like a bird, couped up between tissues and blankets, when I should be flying! I have to add that it's getting better, heck, today I even had some energy to apply make-up. I'm also not sleeping most of the day. Sunday and Monday was just two long naps. Hopefully I will be my old self by Christmas.

But you know what really sucks? Being sick keeps me from the one thing that makes me feel better about myself - the gym. I can hardly walk around in our house without being out of breath, so I know the gym is at least ten days away. Hello fatty!

Anyway, let's get back to the winner here!
Drumroll please...

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