Kalahari Oasis

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Years ago we had a series in South Africa about three guys that said 'Ja, Boet' all the time. You can have a look over here. It was set in Mabalingwe. It was also used in a couple of ads. But, when the series ended, it was transformed into a pub.

Being the brilliant researcher I am {because I always google places before I go there. Ja right.} I was, like so many times before, surprised to learn that it was in the reserve itself. I am terrible. It was pretty cool, but closed on the day we were there. I still took a few snaps.

All of this, in the middle of a game reserve? I think it's pretty legit! Would've been even better if we had a drink or two.


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

haha, i google everything. what ever did we do before that little search engine was created?! looks like a great spot to explore, you captured the Oasis vibes brilliantly lady!!! what i wouldn't give for a day or tow in the warm sunshine. ahhh! ♥

Mrs FF said...

There are many gems to be found if one knows where to look

Jade Wright said...

Wow this place looks really awesome and rustic! Thanks for the travel post! I also just did one on Pretoria..

This is a place I'll definitely have to venture to one day soon :)



Johlet said...

Dit was ook toe toe ons daar was laas jaar. :(

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