Suzani van der Merwe :: illustrator {feature and giveaway}

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A long time ago, okay not that long, I had a guest post by a girl named Anja. She spoke about her crushes on other people's pets and currently even has a series on the topic. One of these pet crushes included Suzani's Wolfie, and thus sparked my interest in Suzani. Later, I would discover that Suzani is an amazingly talented illustrator and just had to feature her today!

She also shares a passion for animals and uses her illustrations to depict this passion! I am in awe!

Suzani, you are one  talented illustrator! How did you start and how long have you been doing this?
I've always drawn, since I was a kid. I had Art as a subject in High School, where I learnt which mediums I enjoyed best & since then I've never really stopped, so I guess I can say I've been doing this most of my life.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
I find inspiration in other illustrator's work, photography & everyday emotions and events.

How do you perceive the South African creatives/design landscape?
I think it's amazing how much diversity and talent we have in this country! It's exciting to be part of something like this that it is constantly growing & developing, especially with Cape Town being Design Capital of the World this year. There are so many opportunities for creatives in South Africa.

What is your favourite colour/ material to work with, and why?
My favourite mediums to work with are fineliners & watercolour, and I often combine the two. I love how watercolours can give life & emotion to work, but the honesty and the impact of a black & white illustration is timeless.

What would you do if you won the lotto?
I would quit my day job as a designer & become a full-time illustrator!

Where to from here?
Since I'm working full time, I'm trying to take on more illustration projects in my free time, whether it be personal or for a client.

What has been your proudest moment since you started?
My proudest moment would be when my work got complimented by a South African artist that I have been looking up to for years. :)

Check out more of her work here:

Now for the fun part! You can stand the chance to win one of her custom illustrations.
Click on this link to find out how.
The Sun House facebook page 

For those who do not have facebook, don't fret, you can enter via rafflecopter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Nikki Smal said...

If you've ever seen my blog, you'd KNOW how in love we are with our Banjoe. We would LOOOOOOVE an illustrated portrait. PLEASE pick us <3

Amanda said...

amazing portraits, really impressed!! i would love to win :) :) xoxo

Martina @snapshotsandwhatnots said...

those illustrations are amazing!! I'd love one of Boomer :)

Claudz said...

wow, she is really talented! amazing portraits

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