Kamers 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello everybody! Hope you had a fabulous long weekend, because I had one that started fantastic, but ended on the lowest of low notes (don't want to talk about it). But, I stayed in Johannesburg, didn't even need to leave the city!

We kicked the weekend off with a great outing - Kamers vol Geskenke 2014 - the biggest pop-up store in South Africa. And boy was it fun! And huge! 

I was immediately drawn into every single stall we visited and was constantly told by my husband that I shouldn't touch everything. But if you don't touch, you can't see, right?

My favourite stall had to be the Valhalla Tees stall, where I bought Flip a Siener van Rensburg shirt. We were really impressed by this creative team, who gave a new spin to Afrikaans legends. I also want one of their t-shirts now, so will just order one online at the end of the month. 

Other highlights included meeting Lea from Met Liefde, who I interviewed a little while ago for my blog, saying hi to Melissa from Zana and Mariaan from MStudio, meeting and greeting Matthew Mole and chilling out with Miss Tash from TandSerendipity.

We loved watching Matthew perform live in the big marquee tent, where he sung some sweet sweet songs. He also sang my wedding-aisle song, which got me all flustered and teary eyed.

Ooh, and don't even get me started on all the food and drinks. We had delicious little tasters at Nova Chocolate, had some refreshing spritzers from Kuhestan Organic Farms, and ogled all the delicious looking tapa platters and boerie rolls around us.

The most challenging thing about Kamers was trying not to buy all the products, which saw me walk out empty handed. I was so scared that I might buy something I like and then see something that I really like even more later on, but then not having enough moolah to buy that something. But, I did take all the business cards of my most favourite stalls and will be supporting those online stores soon enough.

"These Afrikaners are so flippen industrious."
 - overheard at Kamers.


Johlet said...

Ek wil ook nog na een toe gaan! Het na fun gelyk!

Claudz said...

Looks like a great day out. I have been so eager to go to a Kamers event but keep missing them

kamersvol said...

Thank you for this lovely post, Meg! We are so glad you loved KAMERS. Hope the rest of your week is a bit nicer and filled with special moments. And hope we will see you at KAMERS Irene, 2-7 December in Pretoria too!

Valhalla said...

Hi! Thank you very much for featuring our stall - we're glad you liked it!

helen said...

looks like an AMAZING time!!!

Petrol Clothing co said...

Sorry that we missed you @ Kamersvol Geskenke - what a nice write up for Valhalla Tees.......
Luv supporting local brands!

check us out - we are local too....Petrol Clothing Co. & follow us on facebook!
Leon & Liana
Petrol Clothing Co
South Africa

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

We need a Durban one - I hate missing out! You look beautiful Meg x

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