The last word

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Last night, Danielle from Sometimes Sweet did this perfect little feature of 'Last Word' - something she found while sitting in the dentist's office and reading the People magazine. (Cold shivers just ran down my back. Dentists are the scariest humans on earth, other than clowns).

I thought it was too cute not to fill it in. 
Think you would like to also fill it in? 
Drop me an email at and I'll feature you!

Last thing you cooked: I had to make myself dinner last night because Flip had to work a little late. I made the most nutritious meal of toasted cheese sandwiches. I'm such a masterchef. 

Last time you felt nervous: I'm too stupid to be nervous. No, I lie. I'm probably nervous all the time, which makes me immune to being nervous and makes me not realise that I am actually nervous. That, or my wedding day. 

Last big thing you splurged on: I bought myself a nice pair of boots at Edgars the other day. I have terrible buyers remorse and thought that I was going to hate myself for paying such a high (in my eyes) price for shoes. But I haven't regretted it once. I also bought myself a cute little floral dress from Mango. 

Last gift you received:  I think it was on my birthday. Or perhaps Valentines Day. I'm a bad gift rememberer. Perhaps because it isn't my love language? 

Last song you listened to: This is a tough one. Yesterday, one the way home, I listened to DJ Fresh's Cheese of the Day - and I listened to it really loud. It was Bellisima by DJ Quicksilver. I was so ashamed about it, but couldn't help listening. Lately, I've also been stuck on Rip Tide by Vance Joy. Give it a listen!

Last place you vacationed to:  The Western Cape on my honeymoon last year. I miss travelling. 

Last time you were moved to tears: Since Tuesday morning I've been crying pretty much non-stop. 

Last blog you really fell in love with: I wish I had more time to read blogs, but I recently found Cara Loren via Instagram and her fashion posts are so cute and inspiring. I love her style. So obviously her blog is pretty cool too. 


Claudz said...

I love this! I am definitely going to do it too.
Sounds like you need a little break soon!
Hope all is ok x

helen said...

"Dentists are the scariest humans on earth, other than clowns"

HAHAHAH i totally agree!! cute post :)

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