Remembering Trees

Friday, April 11, 2014

My prompt from Greenpop, for my Givengain project to raise Trees for Zambia, was to relive my favourite tree memory. But in actual fact, I should be terrified of trees.

When I was about seven years old, my aunt and uncle had built a look-out over a dam on their farm. It was about 7 m high, in a tree. A friend and I went up to check out the view, while my uncle was putting a few planks together. I stepped on a plank that was not quite fixed to the structure yet and plummeted those seven meters out of the look out. I landed in a thorn bush, with a thorn in my neck. That thorn bush saved my life. My guardian angels too. I now have a fear of heights, not trees.

Also in my young years,I had another terrifying incident with a tree. We were a group of kids that lived on our street and would all play together during holidays. One day we had gone with a friend’s mom to some place. We were about four or five kids playing around an old, big tree, swinging on its branches and just being kids. The next we know, the tree starts falling over. IT FELL ON MY HEAD! And I had to get two staples in my head for the gaping hole.

But I’m still not scared of trees. And you shouldn’t be either. You should also not be scared to donate money to grow trees, which you can do here!

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