Wedding things: Our invites

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

With the exception of a few people who we haven't yet had the chance to see, most of our guests have now received our wedding invites, which means I get to share them with you! {Also, the people who haven't received them yet aren't very big on social media, so no chance of them seeing it either ;) }

The invites were designed by the very talented Susan Brand from Susan Brand Designs
She was so patient and great! I love it!

{Please note that this is just for show and tell and should not be considered as an open invite}

Lovely, aren't they!?


JENNYWED said...

Lovely invitations. I would like something similar.

Jessica said...

so so flippen gorgeous! ♥

CharlieW said...

Ek love dit!!! Really so pretty and fresh! Perfect for a spring wedding xx

Odette J said...

They are absolutely stunning!

Johlet said...

Ek's daar! Joke net! haha
Baie mooi invites!

Sue said...

Lovely indeed!!! Love the colours and I think it's just perfect. Made a note of date and time and we'll see you there... lol!!

Just joking, but I did make a note so that I can make sure I have a nice cold glass of bubbly to celebrate along with you and Flip. Super excited for you!!

Thanks for sharing!

Sue X

Megan said...

Oh guys, I wish I could just invite the whole world to our wedding, but budgets are tight!

This one company sent me a quote for a R6 000 wedding cake - for three tiers. I nearly fainted.

Megan said...

Maybe I should have clarified that I would never in a million years pay that for a cake. Just so you know.

Claudz said...

Stunning invites!
And that price for a cake is just ridiculous!!

Karen Reid-Mogford said...

They are gorgeous! Just simply gorgeous.

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