Come one, come all

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello everybody! Thanks so much for all the sweet comments I have received about my little runaround I had last week, when I went to Mozambique. I feel much better now, and have been slightly busy, which is why I am a bit slow on blogging the last two weeks. That, and the fact that I was bed ridden for two days.

I'm hoping I can pick up on it again this week.

Tonight, I will be attending this:

I am very excited to meet some other bloggers in the local sphere! I'm hoping it goes down great and that there will be a lot of people in attendance!
Looks like this week is quite the week for meeting bloggers.


Sam said...

Hi Megan,
Your new layout is looking great!
Wish I were in Jhb to attend.

Garth Wait said...

Sounds like an invite to a mass murder. Enjoy!

I am Megan said...

I think you have read one too many Stephen King books brother!

Gentri said...

FUN!! :D Let us all know how it goes!

CityGirl said...

So nice to meet you Meg! xxx

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