The day the Jhb bloggosphere stood still

Saturday, July 16, 2011

So on Wednesday a bunch of Johannesburg bloggers came together at the holy grail of indie/hipster Wolves Cafe to meet each other.

I was a bit anxious at first, not knowing what to expect and not knowing where to go or who to talk to.

But luckily, the very smart organisers of the evening, Angie, Tasha and Nicki had this really yummy wine as an icebreaker. Nothing works better to warm people up than a little bit of red and white wine! Lovely!

It finally gave me the courage to introduce myself to a couple of people. Firstly, I met Kirsty. And as we asked about each other's blogs we discovered that we are actually followers of each others blogs. It was so cool to actually meet someone that follows my blog at the get together! I was so suprised! And geeze, this lady is so funny. We really had a good time.

Very cool lady right here
A bonus of the evening was the prizes that were handed out! Kirsty won a Canderel hamper...

and I won a bag stuffed with popcorn! I have a love-love relationship with popcorn, so this was the best prize ever! And I never win anything!

Finally Flip got hold of the camera and everything turned black and white

We even got a list of all the other bloggers/tweeters/tumblrs that also attended the get together. Here they are! Check them out:

* Tanya –
* Roz – (email Roz at for access as her’s is a private blog)
* Gina –
* Carlette –
* Paul – (need the proper link asseblief)
* Emma –
* Lou – (computer says no???)
* Natalie –
* Gareth –
* Tamiya –
* Faye – (Blogger does not like this?)
* Yusuf – (under construction)
* Jeanette – and
* Stacey –
* Ricardo – (waiting for URL)
* Tamaryn –
* Indianna –


Gentri said...

SO fun! :D I love meeting other bloggers!

katenokwe said...

Very lovely blog.

And seems you had a fun evening

Fiona said...

I"m a fellow popcorn winner too. We've already put two packets away in two nights :) I hope you enjoy yours too!!!

It *was* an awesome night out :)

Kirsty Rox Wilde said...

ah thank you dear, thats so sweet :) it was so lovely to meet you!!! x

Madeline said...

it looks like you had so much fun! I wish stuff like this would happen in my area :(

love love love your blog :))


Olivia Grace said...

Visiting from FTLOB Critique Me!! I love your blog, your design is so clean, the whole look is just lovely. Look forward to reading more!

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