Aaah, bless! I have internet

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey guys! I am over here at Kenzie's cute blog Cameras & Cupcakes  (actually, I got there yesterday) doing a guest post. 

I am talking about the time Flip and I went to Phuket, so go check it out! 

Further, I just want to say that I am so thankful for my internet working again. We have experienced some difficulties after my Mac was switched off one night, only to find everything the next day gone. The pictures, the music, the internet, all gone. Luckily, I had the photos and music on back up memory sticks, but the internet was a bird of a different feather. Luckily we sorted it out.

Meanwhile, I have been having a really sucky time. On Saturday evening, about 7ish, I started itching. This itching was soon followed by a break out on my skin. I thought it was flea bites. And then my whole body got covered in it. By the time I went to bed my wrists were swollen about two times their normal size. I kept on itching and Flip kept on moaning that I shouldn't scratch.

In the middle of the night, I had enough and stood up to search for anti-hestamines or celestamines. Luckily, I had some celestamine, but then I realised that I looked very funny in the mirror. I will save you the gruesomeness of how my face really looked like, but what I can show you is that I kind of looked like this.

Not pretty hey? But my upper lip almost looked like The Wildenstein's lower lip.

And it hurt like hell. By the next morning, my lips were even more swollen and my wrists were now about five times their size. Flip took me to the doctor's office as soon as they opened. It was a Sunday morning, so we didn't expect it to be earlier than nine. Eventually the doctor saw me, but we still have no idea what caused my body to react this. He did mention that it was an allergic reaction to something I must have eaten or drank, but I have never in my life reacted like this before. I recapped everything I ate the previous day and nothing was out of the ordinary. But it really hurt like hell. And itched. A lot.

I am going for blood tests later this week to find out what I am allergic to. I sure as hell hope it's not bacon and eggs, one of the things I so thoroughly enjoyed on Saturday.

I also wanted to upload pictures of my arms, so that you can see that, but alas, my internet is being a stupid little asswipe. I hate my internet connection!

Hopefully, I will be back in the bloggosphere for good now. 
Here's holding thumbs that I don't swell up again and here's holding thumbs to a great internet connection.


Gentri said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am so sorry!! I'm glad you're feeling better and getting a test done! And when your Internet is working properly again- I'd love to see the picture of your arms! Haha!

Nes said...

Shame...that sucks. Hope the tests go well!

Fiona said...

For some reason I couldn't comment on the cameras and cupcakes blog but I just want to say your sister takings stunning photo's and I also really enjoyed reading your family history behind those old camera's :)

Fiona said...

I'm so embarassed...I read the wrong post!

Loved reading your post on Thailand, it's make me all excited because we leave for Thailand in 7 weeks and I am super duper excited :)

You have an awesome blog.

My SongBook said...

Is that picture real?? Oh my goodness, that poor woman looks like the mentally handicapped character on Goonies.

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