My boyfriend can be such a little boy sometimes

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flip has two very contradicting personalities. And sometimes, these personalities combine, especially when he is very excited about something.

You see, he is a meticulous planner. I have witnessed him making the same calculations on his hands over and over again. While he is driving, watching Tv, cooking. I can see those little gears in his brain ticking like a well oiled clock.

But then he gets over excited and the little boy comes out.

Example: Today I received about twenty e-mails on one topic. The emails contained pictures of what he is excited about.

You see, we are going camping. However, I do not camp. Call me a bush snob, but I have been spoilt all my life with lodges, chalets, hotels and such. I did not even have to bother with the hard ground, the crawling bugs, the penetrating cold in the early morning hours. Instead, I have always had a place with a roof, a kitchen and a bathroom attached to brick and mortar walls. And I have to say that I prefer it that way.

However, this is not like any camping trip. This is for Oppikoppi.

What is this strange word I speak of? Let me tell you.
It's crass. People like to use cuss words and what South Africans call the party word.
It's filthy. People don't shower for the whole weekend.
There is never enough toilet paper, I have heard. And you can never have enough wet wipes.
It is attended by an average of 10 000 people.

In short, it is the most epic of epic music festivals. And this year will be my first time attending. I am an OppiKoppi virgin, so I am bit unsure about how I will experience it. The sole reason why I am breaking my non-camping rule. And yes, there is brick and mortar place for the more sophisticated people, called Kreef Hotel, but I can't say that I have truly experienced the affair if I am not camping. I think this article sums it up well. I will give my view on it after that fateful weekend.

This is what I sort of plan to wear for most of the Oppi-weekend.


Gentri said...

Haha! Is it not normal to not shower while camping?? I thought that was the only way to camp... haha! You're going to look so adorable! This can't be normal camping if you can get away with wearing that!

Christi Lynn said...

i do not camp either! but i have learned to love it. it takes time haha

Haley K said...

i'll admit i love camping :) but i also LOVE a nice hotel room with a jacuzzi tub ;) so i feel ya!

but how awesome that you get to be surrounded by lots of music lovers and listen to great tunes all weekend! can't wait to hear about it :) have fun!

PS - love the outfit!

Fiona said...

Ah man, this post brings back some awesome memories! I've done Oppikoppi, Rustlers and Woodstock and they've all been such a blast.

Camping isn't the most comfortable but it's a great experience. Enjoy!!!

Janine van Staden said...

hah! this is so awesome! :)
i'm attending oppikoppi as well this year, it will be my 3rd year this year and I can't tell you how excited I am! It's the most amazing experience ever! but i should tell you before hand, the nights are damn cold!! and the days well, hot as hell! be prepared! there is showers but it's a little sketchy! ^_^ take a BIG towel if you plan on showering (just to cover up the shower, there's some sort of sack or something in the front, but it doesn't do much!) :) it will be a blast! You will love it!

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

That sounds like an amazing adventure. I've never been to anything like that. Hope you have fun!

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