Call a Cab and Take it Slow

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I have a very talented friend called Liesl.
She is one of those triple threats you always hear about,
the ones who acts, sings, and dances.
Except Liesl's D isn't Dance.
It's Design and Drawing.

This lady is one of the most nicest, gorgeous, down-to-earth girls I have ever met.
And gosh, she is stunning!
She recently came back to South Africa, 
after studying at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.

This clothing line, she says, has been inspired by the experiences she had while studying in Canada.
It's just stunning.
And this is her lookbook.

This is Liesl.

All pics taken by another talented friend of mine Henk at I'm The Carpenter.
I just call him Shmoo.


Jenna said...

Stunning! Glad she's back in SA now :)


Jessica said...

Wow the clothes are so interesting, dramatic and beautiful!! :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog.. I love yours :) have a great day.


Lena said...

You kind of have the coolest friends ever. Photographer and designer? It definitely means that you must be pretty awesome yourself.


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