Let's go walkies!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Flip and I have decided to brave the cold and go walking with our pups more often.
What a challenge this is!

When we first got our pups, I, along with a friend or a Flip, went walking with them quite a few times.
But then someone warned me that if they didn't have all their shots, they might get terrible illnesses from other dogs in the neighbourhood. I was terrified. 
What if they got Feline Aids?!

So, I fell out of routine and they forgot all about their manners on leashes.

The first time we went walking with Mila again, she kept on tugging at her leash, so hard that she was choking herself. I had to use some serious force to get her to stay. 

And Jethro went mad, as in 'I will get out of my damn leash, humans', if he couldn't walk next to his sissie.
Shame, he is sooo attached to Mila.

Eventually, they learned to calm down. They are still very excited when we go out and about, and being the friendly baby Mila is, she just wants to love everyone who comes her way, unfriendly dogs included. A little Pomeranian type dog got out of his yard and tried to eat her face! Well, I might be exaggerating a bit.

All in all, it's a fun way to get some excersise! For us and for them.
Happy and exhausted at home, us two!

Sometimes I feel silly about posting about trivial things like 'walking my dog'. It feels silly to post about my everyday life and the things that wouldn't necessarily contribute to anyone's life, inspire them to do good, or change a mindset. But then I find quotes like this one.

It makes me think again, it's for me. It's for remembering.
One day, I know I will come back to this post and read about when my pups were small.
And I will cherish it.


Jenna said...

So sweet! I wish I had puppies to walk! :) You're right, Mila is getting big!


Amy Shaughnessy said...

I love the quote. It is so true. I was just telling my husband that we didn't lead very exciting lives. We have two little boys so the day is pretty much spent on seeing to their needs. But, one day these little boys will grow up and contribute to society so my taking care of them is a very important job.


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Sienna said...

so cute, i love walking my puppy!

Denise Pacurar said...

Your pups are so cute and I love the quote! Such a great reminder to live in the moment!

<3 Denise


Oh Sunnie Day said...

Your dogs look adorable! I'm taking mine to get obedience lessons soon. Cooper is terrible on the leash.



anirataC said...

so nice :) I'll follow you *


Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

I love this last quote - one of my favorites!!

withbigyellowdogs said...

You'll see, exercised (walked) puppies are happy puppies. The hubs and I run with our 'monsters' some mornings. Its so worth getting up early. The whole Nourse-family is fit and active and by eight/ nine o'clock everyone's nackered and ready for bed. Also great quote! I think that's perhaps why a LOT of people blog.

andy brienne said...

ah, crap. I want a dog now. Maybe I can hide it from the landlord. And I love the quote, ps.

Lisamarie said...

Megan...it is totally the everyday moments of life that truly make life so lovely. If you can't find the loveliness of life in being outside on a nice day walking your dog.... then where you can find it? I love seeing everyone else's everyday moments because it inspires me to have more lovely moments myself! Thanks for sharing, lady!

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