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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Have you ever had buyer’s remorse? Most of us have, but I take it one degree south of extreme.

Last year, Flip took me to a number of shops to choose a handbag for my birthday. I am very particular when it comes to accessories, so this was the best option. I still use the bag I chose every single day, so it was the right choice.

But the process of choosing a bag was a proper clusterfuck. Tears were shed, serious crocodile tears, because “I want this one, but it is so expensive, I can’t do this to Flip, but now this one is so much cuter and it is cheaper, but what if I find another bag at another shop that I like even more and is even cheaper. Clusterfuck, I tell you.

Do you see my dilemma, and this happens almost every single time I have to make a choice, especially one regarding money.

It is not that the money is the real issue, but it’s what I do with it that bugs the living shit out of me. For example, there is a bonus coming up sometime this year, and I want to buy a DSLR, but then I could actually be buying some nice outfits, or how about that patio set I’m so longing for, or that piece of décor, or how about a holiday (because Canon’s aren’t cheap), and then there’s that treatment I want to get. There are so many things I would like to do, but I dread that every single decision that I will make will be the wrong one and I will regret it in the end.

How do you work through something like this?
I know most people save for one particular thing and then do /buy/eat this and start saving for the next thing, but I’m no good at that.

Credit cards are also out of the question.
As are loans. Debt free and loving it.

What are some of your tips?


Johlet said...

I love this post. I've been stressed out over the exact same reason! Money!!!!!
It's so bad that I've had a massive headache for 2 days now already! :(

helen said...

aghh i totally understand where you're coming from! i think you could start by making a list of how much you need and want things. when it comes to things you really want (i.e. camera). then you could start a fund for it - save a little each month - and by the time you save enough, if you really still want it, get it, because you've given it months of thought (and saving the funds for it). if your desire for it has changed and maybe the priority is now the patio set, maybe it could go towards that? that's how we try to do it around here, because a lot of times, i figure out that later on, i didn't want that item as much as i thought i did. :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

You always make me laugh! I make a list, anytime I want something I put it on "the list" and then I just let it sit along with the other things I want. Eventually I will realize of those things I don't even want anymore, while others are more important. Writing it down takes away the need to dwell on it, for me, and just think on it later and compare a bit. :)

Lisa Marie said...

Oh my gosh. You described me. I so wanted a LV for my birthday. But I always have buyers remorse. And I always want the most expensive of everything. So I chose to just have several really nice experiences instead of a LV. Hugging... I seriously hate shopping.

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