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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Most ladies would give a resounding yes if I asked them whether their boyfriends or husbands loved any of the above. It is Flip's kryptonite, particularly if it has a military theme to it. He could tell you which gun this plane, tank or jet could take, what these things were used for etc etc. You know, all very boring for a girl.

In flies the Africa Aerospace and Defense exhibition, the largest of its kind in Africa, and, well, you can guess, boys and their toys.

From a girl's perspective, who doesn't like planes and tanks, it can be a bit overwhelming. It's noisy, it's overcrowded, you are on your feet for hours on end, which means that after a while, it feels like you are dying, it can get sweltering hot, the list of complaints could be endless. But I must say that despite my maladies, I still had a good time.

From a guy's perspective: Paradise. Beer, fatty food, pretty girls, noise, guns, outside.

Man, I envy this guy's ability to eat anything he wants and to still stay as skinny as he does. 
He had four of those through out the day.

We also met our friends Iris and Jaco there who bought along their lovely little face Duvané.
I'm not the only one noticing the Flip/baby ratio in recent posts and days am I?
His biological clock is ticking me thinks.
Chirp chirp


Jenna said...

Ah, I must admit that I also HATE air shows. It's the outside all day on your feet thing that gets me I think. I don't understand why they never seem to put out any chairs!

Men and babies... cutest thing ever :)

ps Sorry I never responded to your Whatsapp... this weekend was manic with Jurgen studying for the board and me finishing a research paper.

Johlet said...

dammit can't believe i missed the airshow!!!!

mmmm are you telling us there might be wedding bells ringing soon?

helen said...

haahhaha this is so funny. i totally understand how you feel when it comes to boy's paradise(s). it really looks like your flip had so much fun at the air show though, and it is so nice to see them enjoy something so much and to be able to be with them while they're there. love what you said about his biological clock too HAHA. :) can't wait to see how this plays out!

The Egg said...

i love all of these things especially the colorful plane

xo the egg out west.

Sue said...

We were just talking about the Cape Town Airshow. My son, Jake LOVES it, a real boy's day out.

Babies suit Flip. Just saying...


lesley: the dream tree said...

i love that rainbow prop!

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