Owning a staffie

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Since I was a small girl, I wanted a real legit staffie, one of my own. It is even on my bucket list.

It started with the mixes.

We had Bobby, a staffie x maltese, who had the personality of a staffie, but the cheekiness of a maltese. Regrettably  the last photo I took of him was shortly after my mom and I shaved his long curly hair, because we thought we would do him a favour in the summer heat.

My brother, whose dog it was, didn't think it funny. He didn't speak to us for quite some time.

Then came Liefie, my first child, a cross between a rottweiler and a staffie. Personality of a staffie, hated children like a rottie. She's still around, very happy, with three legs.

Next came our first legit purebred staffie named Jock.

For the sake of keeping this post fairly short, you can read a bit about all the staffies I've had:
{the above posts also includes titbits about my other staffies}

I got a lot of flack from people when I said that I intended on getting a staffie. And I have noticed that they have almost as bad a reputation as pitties, which in my view is wrong. Both are amazing breeds.

But coming back to staffies, which have often been called nanny dogs, I thought I would set the record straight with these observations made not only by owning Mila, but observing the breed as a whole.

Staffies are a breed who:
*will try and apologise if they did something wrong (as shown in this video)
*will sulk for hours if you scold them
*talks for the heck of it
*despite their builky size, think of themselves as lap dogs
*hates to be away from their people
*really loves a couch
*would rather lick you to death than bite you, which makes them the worst guard dog ever
*are happy to spend the whole day on their backs, feet in the air
*will play for hours on end
*loves to cuddle

The end

What is your favourite breed?
What funny things does your dog do?


TheTinyHeart said...

This post warms my heart!! All the traits you listed describe my dog Jinx. He was found on the street, so I'm not entirely sure if he's a Staffie vs a Pit but he is the most loving dog you'd ever meet. :)

The Tiny Heart
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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds JUST like Oreo! We're not exactly sure what he is. We suspect he's a pit mix of some sort, but not really sure. We adore him whatever he is. And he is SO good with kids. I love it. :) Your pup is so cute!

helen said...

this is a super cute post...i really see the love you have for your dogs! :) i don't currently have a dog, and the last one i had was a pomeranian, but we've been contemplating getting one soon! :)

k8te said...

this is so cute! friends of mine foster pits, and i can't believe their bad rep - they are some of the sweetest pups around. we just got a bloodhound puppy this summer...i'm a sucker for a hound dog. he is a handful for sure. he's teething right now, and my arms/pants are taking the brunt of it. we're wishing and hoping it passes soon...at 70 lbs and growing he really needs to pay attention to the good manners we are trying to teach him! :)

Odette said...

I never had any dogs growing up. To be honest big dogs scare me, but not small ones. I plan on getting a pug or a yorkie in a few years.

Thanks for the comment, I feel the same about discovering SA bloggers. :)


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