I had to give up

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I just couldn't go on with it anymore, the relationship was too addictive and not good for my health, and it had to be done. Even though this will be a trialling time and I will have moodswings, I know that giving up coffee is for the best.

Whoa! I got you there didn't I? Got a bit serious. But today, after months of trying to convince myself and half assed motivations from Flip {do you really want to lose weight? Then give up coffee}, I decided to take the plunge. No pun intended.

{Yeah, just had to add a picture in there, to show myself what I'm missing}

Now, to understand the significance of this feat, you need to understand that as a journalist, I cannot function without my morning cuppa java. It might be cliche, but its in a journalist's clockwork to want to have coffee. Want proof? Come to my office on the day the coffee machine is broken, or there isn't a hot pot of tar brewing. It's worse than an old age home, filled with headachy and grumpy people who deem pens as a worthy murder accessory.

Now, along with coffee, I also decided to give up two other vices - dairy and sugar. It already proved difficult, as one of my journalists brought me a lollipop in the twee hours of the morning - to thank me for my patience. But I returned it. With a polite thanks, but no thanks.

So far, I have survived okay, I did have a cup of tea this morning {which I suppose has caffeine in it}. It was apple apricot flavoured. No milk, no sugar, just a teaspoon of lemon juice. I think I'll stick to it, the lemon juice - and if I really am craving coffee, I'll have a warm glass of water and lemon juice.

Also, I haven't had any headaches thus far. This is a good thing, right? 

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Johlet said...

Jy's braaf!
Ek lief my cappuchino te veel!
Maar sterkte! haha

girlnextdoor said...

Ek het probeer, en nie reggekry nie. Meeste dae sal ek net een koppie drink (beter as die tien of meer wat ek gewoonlik gedrink het), op die meeste sal ek drie koppies drink. Net lattes wat met afgeroomde, lactose-vrye melk gemaak is (het dan nie suiker nodig nie). Het wel suiker en oor die algemeen carbs opgegee en saam met bietjie oefening help dit.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

I am so proud of you Meg!! I hate coffee so I don't understand how hard it must be but good luck girl xx

Sam said...

Wow, Kudos to you Megan, I don't think i could ever do it myself but I truly admire you for taking the plunge and giving it all up. Please let me know how it goes. All the best!

Meghan Silva said...

Me and coffee are besties , good luck with the new change , however I must say warm water and lemon really does well to the body.

Meghan Silva's Blog

OddOneOut said...

I see some Afrikaans comments, so I would like to add: Eerder jy as ek! Koffie is die EEN ding wat ek nie kan los nie! Ek sukkel ook nou met suiwel so ek weet hoe moeilik dit is om dit uit te sny. Baie sterkte!

Anita said...

lovely blog :)

GoldenGirls said...

Coffee is so addictive! I've actually been able to get down from drinking about a pot of it a day all by myself to one cup maybe two! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

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