Winter makes you do crazy things

Friday, June 14, 2013

I think I have finally been bereft of my mind, so I'm going to start this post with a very simple line: 'oh shit'.

It was Flip's birthday last week. And no, I'm not using profanities because I forgot. I treated him to lovely dinner at the place we had our first date, Jungle, where we got pretty drunk on sake and he had delicious sushi and I made the mistake of having Japanese food - other than sushi. But look at me going of on a tangent again. I'm saying oh shit, because we decided to go camping for Flip's birthday, in winter, in the middle of a cold front.

Say this with me, in the voice of Sweet Brown: "We're going to have to start some faaaaaires!"

At least its in a warm place, Warmbaths, which still gets cold at evening. But it has an under roof hot swimming pool, which should be fun, and it would give us a reason to drink a looot of Old Brown Sherry.

In other news, I want to send out a warning to anybody with small dogs, Jack Russells in particular. I took Jethro to the vet yesterday, thinking he has cat flu. I was in tatters to say the least, because as you might know, dog's don't survive cat flu. At least my dramatic self was proved wrong and it was only pancreatitis - still a very serious disease, mind you. It is brought on by feeding your pets table scraps, fatty food, bones and so forth. 
In other, other news, my brother is a contestant on Noot vir Noot, they are recording today, probably as we speak. So hold thumbs for him. I hope he wins a crapload of money!


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