The suspense is killing me

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I've never had someone throw a surprise party for me, in my life. I think it's partly because I am an organising freak - in terms of organising parties and things like this - not in terms of my closet, or my room.

The second reason being that no one has successfully ever surprised me - except when Flip actually went down on his knee, that was surprising. The whole engagement, not so much, I was expecting it - my mom told me that he had come to ask for my hand.

I am fiendish when I know that someone is hiding something from me and I will use every resource possible, including going through drawers and cellphones, emails etc to find out what is being hidden.
You can call me Sherlock Holmes, if you like. Besides trying to fish the details on my bachelorettes from everyone - which I haven't successfully done, but could have, if I didn't want to ruin my own surprise - I am also getting antsy and nervous about the honeymoon.

will it be a glamping safari?

In my mind, if I am not organising something, nothing is happening. See where the organising freak comes from?

To ease my mind off things - who am I kidding - I looked up a few things on honeymooning. Che's recent post on her honeymoon just sent me over the edge! It was just amazing!

On, I learnt that the tradition of honeymoons started because brides regularly married without permission from their parents {I'm thinking this was in Romeo & Juliet's era} or the groom would kidnap his bride to marry her, but would need a secret hiding place where they could get married.

Tradition has it that the bride and groom would remain in the hiding place for 30 days, until the moon has gone through all its phases. The couple would then celebrate their marriage by drinking some sort of honey broth and from there the name of honeymoon originated. I found a number of other meanings as well, but I like this one. What do you think?

On the same site, I found the essentials for honeymoon packing. The most important ones I think - and this from experience - is copies of your marriage certificate, visas, ID's, tickets, passports. Then, when someone decides to steal your passport, you have back up. Cameras, batteries and nausea tablets were also listed. Check the full list here.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Post some links in the comments below. I would love to see.


Johlet said...

Hou op so nuuskierig wees! haha

Che said...

Hahaha ah yay for surprises!!!! Hope the man manages to surprise you! ;) you will have the most amazing time ever no matter WHERE you go!! x

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

SO SO exciting but I feel your pain girl - I also hated the suspense of my hens party and honeymoon... But take it from me, both were absolutely INCREDIBLE!! I couldn't have asked for anything more from my wonderful bridesmaids and romantic hubs x

helen said...

hahhahaha i am terrible to surprise too! regardless, i hope you have the most wonderful time being surprised...have an amazing honeymoon!

Claudz said...

My girls tried to surprise me but too many big mouths ruined it. It wasn't easy I bet!
MrB managed to surprise me for honeymoon. I loved it! I loved not knowing where we were going. He was kind enough to tell me to pack "bikinis, nothing warm, no jeans and plenty of sunscreen"
Enjoy all the surprises and let them surprise you!

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